“Death’s World’s Fair Charnel-House.”

“Death’s World’s Fair Charnel-House.”


Stand Back ! Stand Back ! Policemen cried,

While Gongs were Ringing in Wild Trance ;

Ambulance after Ambulance,

Rescuing those who had not died ;

An Arm, a Leg, a Human Head,

Charred Blackened Cadavers there

Last “ Fair Exhibits” of World’s Fair,

“Colossal-Holocaust-of-Dead !”

No Eyes-No Nose-No Arms-No Legs,

Nobody knows what Human Life

Went out in that Terrible Strife,

Where Fate drained Destiny to Dregs !

Just as I saw hundreds “ Cremated ”

On Ganges (In Hell’s-Burning Ghaut ”)

Cremating Death, by Pest House caught,

Calcutta’s Way at City Gate !

Just as you see, on Battle Field,

Without Cadaver-Funeral-Pyre ”

Without Blackened-Corpse at Fire

Where Firemen their lives bravely yield !

Death jump into that Burning Well

Eighty feet out, Fired Fire Works when

They lost a score of Brave Fire Men.

Scene that out Horrors, “ Scenes-of-Hell

M ot hers-Daughters-Sweet hearts-Wives,

Bones without Flesh, Flesh without Bones,

Searching for loving Human Lives,

Nothing to show for “ Death’s-Grave-Stones ”

(Like ” Pomeroy-Towns, after Cyclones) !

Stand Back ! Stand Back ! That Deathly Shroud

Seemed Fascination to Wild Crowd,

Death Stricken by “ Life’s-Human-Groans !’’

What risks Police, and Firemen, run !

These Braves should receive Double Pay.

Their Lives in hand, from Day begun

They hourly risk their Lives away !

(Their Paltry Wages are bravely won !)

How Oft I thought in Ball Room Crowd

Wild cry of Fire Would Holocaust

All Nations it Fire Tempest Tost,

Wrapping Death in Holocaust Shroud

But Psychics even made the moon

Crescent the Show to Please SolBlurne.

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