In Case You Missed It: December 2016 Fire Engineering Features

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The Battalion TV: Stony Plain Fire Department

This new episode of the The Battalion TV visits with the Stony Plain Fire Department in Alberta, Canada.


Construction Concerns: Penetrations of Rated Wall and Floor Assemblies

Firefighter must be familiar enough with penetrations of fire-rated walls and floor-ceiling assemblies that they can recognize one that may be deficient, Greg Havel writes.

Humpday Hangout: High-Rise Fires

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, P.J. Norwood and Frank Ricci will be joined by New Haven (NH) Chief John Alston and Montgomery County (MD) Captain Sam Villiani. Their topic of discussion will be high-rise fires.


Training Minutes: Hose Caught on Objects

In this Training Minutes video on engine company operations, Ray McCormack discusses navigating obstacles as you advance a hoseline and troubleshooting snags in the forward advance.


Standard Operating Procedures: The First Step to a Safer Fireground

For SOPs to be effective, they must be tailored to the capabilities of the individual fire department and its resources, writes Thomas N. Warren.


Trusted Voices: Lou Amabili

Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton sits down with distinguished American Fire Service icon Lou Amabili for this indepth interview on Amabili’s long, influential fire career.


Keeping Our Firefighter 10 Commandments

Our core beliefs are reflected in the following “Firefighter 10 Commandments,” which will help align our attitudes, perspectives and, most importantly, actions with those of the great firefighters who came before us, writes Craig Schwinge.


Bobby and George: Keep Your Nails Clean…

In this video, Bobby Halton reviews another one of George Washington’s rules of civility, this one having to do with personal appearance.


Post Traumatic Growth

In 1995, Richard Tedeschi, Ph.D., and Lawrence Calhoun, Ph.D., revealed the concept and study of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) as an outcome of dealing with trauma. What the doctors explained is that although we may be affected by an event, we can grow from that experience.


Combustible Dust Emergencies

Brian Ward discusses the terminology, past events, various types of combustible dust situations, dust collection designs, and considerations for mitigating a combustible dust emergency.


Humpday Hangout: High-Rise Building Systems – Prefire Intelligence

Bill Gustin, Mike Dugan, and the rest of the panelists examine innovations in high-rise building systems.


FSF Releases Training Program on Down Firefighter Carry

The Firefighters Support Foundation (FSF) recently released a training program that demonstrates a way of removing a down firefighter from a confined space.


Firefighter Training: Down Firefighter CPR

The Firefighters Support Foundation has released two more firefighter training programs–one on firefighter CPR, another focusing on a carry for removing a down firefighter.


Construction Concerns: Architects and OSHA

We must begin to educate architects and engineers on the need for installing permanent fall protection anchor points as part of each new building’s design, writes Gregory Havel.


Training Minutes: Suspension Capture

In this new Training Minutes video on technical rescue, Mark Gregory and Ken Bailey discuss the benefits of using a ratchet strap to capture the strut assembly/suspension of a vehicle when it comes to extrication and lifting operations.


Engine Company EMS: Dressed for Success

People feel better when they look good, and when we look good, we ARE better, writes Michael Morse.


Jon Davies: Worcester (MA) LODD 12-8-11

Nearly 12 years to the date of the Worchester (MA) warehouse fire, the department lost member Jon Davies in a collapse of a section of a residential “triple decker” approximately 20 minutes after arrival. Joseph Pronesi examines the incident.


The Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) and the Fire Service, Part II

AB Turenne continues his overview of thermal imaging for fire operations, this time with a focus on the benefits of the device when it comes to interior operations.


Humpday Hangout: Using Props and Simulators for Effective Fire Training

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Steve Pegram, Aaron Heller, and Brad French will cover the topic of using props and simulators for effective fire training.


Training Minutes: Making Space in Vehicle Rescue

In this Training Minutes video on advanced vehicle extrication, Todd Taylor and company discuss an evolution for using the minimum number of tools to gain access to a patient trapped in the rear of a vehicle.


The Four Foundations of Tactical Fitness

If you are able to take the Four Foundations of Tactical Fitness and incorporate them into your workouts and everyday life, you will begin your journey to become tactically fit, writes Ty Wheeler.


Mayday Monday: Search Rope

Tony Carroll offers a drill that underscores the value of the search rope when trying to locate a firefighter in distress.


Municipal Response to Extrication Incidents Involving Military Vehicles and Equipment

Are you ready to respond if there’s an incident involving military vehicles in your response district? Ken Fowler has some pointers on how to develop training on such incidents for your firefighters.


Throw Back to Basics: Tanker Shuttle Operations

Tanker shuttle operations are a fundamental fireground function for many fire departments, so it is important to fully understand the role each apparatus play in the operation and how your apparatus best operates to maximize efficiency on the fireground, writes Brian Zaitz.


Paul Combs Poster: Firefighter PTSD and Suicide

Fire Engineering illustrator Paul Combs has been outspoken about the issue of firefighter depression and suicide. Now he offers a free poster you can download and print out to hang in your station.


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