Delaware State Firemen to Meet

Delaware State Firemen to Meet

The third annual convention of the Delaware State Volunteer Firemen’s Association is to take place on Wednesday, July 11 at the New Century Club, Middletown, Del. The officers of the association are: President, C. E. Varney, Milford, Del.; Vice-President, E. S. Jones, Middletown, Del.; Secretary, Samuel H. Carson, Dover, Del.; Treasurer, W. T. Bennett, Laurel, Del.

The program of the convention is as follows:

Wednesday, July 11, 1923

10:00 A. M.—Business session; Address of Welcome. Walter S. Lcther bury. Mayor of Middletown; Reply for the Association, C. K. Varney, president; 12:30 P. M., Lunch; 1:30 P M.. business session; 3:30 P. M., parade; 4:40 P. M.. review; 5:00 P. M.. address in public square, by Charles I. Stengle, Member of Congress from New York City; housing of Middletown’s new Hale Pumping engine by Aetna Hose. Hook and Ladder Company of Newark. Del.; address; response by Mayor Letherbury; awarding of prizes by the judges, Fred Brady, Jesse L. Shepherd, Warren S. P. Combs, D. D. S.

Prizes awarded as follows: President’s Cup, given by C. K. Varney 1922. to company having the largest representation in per cent, of membership and making best appearance. Membership present to count 50 per cent.; appearance to count 50 per cent. For permanent possession must be won three times. Won in 1922 at Dover. Del. by Good Will Fire Company. New Castle, Del.

Awarded by the Volunteer Hose Company, Inc., Middletown, Del; $20 in gold to the company having largest number of uniformed men in line: $20 in gold to company coming greatest distance with 25 or more men; $20 in gold to company making best appearance with 25 or more men: $30 in gold to company having best band in line, playing as they pass the reviewing stand, and $5 in gold to the best decorated store or dwelling.

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