Denver Fire Department Matters.

Denver Fire Department Matters.

(From a Special Correspondent.)

DENVER, COL., January 16.—Everything has been going on smoothly in the fire department here of late. The annual appropriation was passed as agreed upon, and the chief is “ happy as a big sunflower.”

During the year 1889 the department responded to 210 alarms and the total loss, as nearly as can be estimated at present, amounted to $240,380.55. Of that amount $144,889.45 went up in smoke in the first three fires of any magnitude.

The efficiency of the Denver Fire Department is, without question, fully appreciated by the citizens, who know that through its promptness many conflagrations have been prevented, especially so within the year just closed. When we take into consideration the fact that 2435 buildings were erected at a cost of $10,774,677, we cannot help looking upon this as an excellent showing, and our citizens have just grounds for reasonable pride at such a state of affairs. The most remarkable thing, however, is that although the number of buildings was largely increased, the number of fires remained the same as in 1888, which, no doubt, is due, in a great measure, to the rigid building inspection that is being practiced in our city. Four fire wardens are employed, who are members of the department and under the immediate charge of the chief. Their duties consist of looking after violations of the building ordinance which, by the way, is a very strict one, nothing but stone or brick buildings being allowed in the fire limits, which take in the entire city. In addition to that they see that ashes are deposited in brick, stone or iron receptacles and the premises kept clear of all packing boxes and rubbish that usually collects very rapidly in the rear of stores and in basements.

In lieu of a New Year’s present the city council very kindlyraised the salary of the chief from $2000 to $2500 and allowed him one more assistant ; the captains’ salaries were raised from $1080 to $1200, and the office of lieutenant created at a salary of $1080. Everyone is a candidate for lieutenant, but it is not at all likely that regular appointments will be made until the four new stations are completed and the new companies organ ized about May 1 next.

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