Department Stores Urged to be Careful

Department Stores Urged to be Careful

Recommendations for safeguarding the shopper against fire risks due to the congestion of Christmas buying, has been sent to the various department store heads in New York City. The suggested measures follow:

  1. Post one or more men at each entrance to prevent the carrying of lighted cigars. &c., into the building and display large, prominent signs marked ‘No Smoking.’
  2. Have all discarded combustible packing material removed from the building immediately or burned in incinerators.
  3. Arrange a policing system which will be able to handle traffic, prevent overcrowding and keep aisles free from obstructions.
  4. See that no open flames used for demonstration or other purposes are at or near counters where highly inflammable material is on display.
  5. Arrange to prevent the dumping of large quantities of oxcelsior and other packing materials in the packing room.
  6. Have all Are extinguishing equipment inspected each morning and any defects found immediately remedied.
  7. Provide easily distinguishable exit signs and red lights over all doors leading to exits.
  8. Discontinue the practice of using small portable table stands in aisles and if such are used elsewhere have them securely fastened to the floor.
  9. Make sure that all exit doors open outwardly to their full width.
  10. Inspect workshops to prevent careless handling of combustible material.
  11. Discontinue the practice of placing paper shades over electric lights and also the use of temporary drop lights.
  12. See that the sprinkler standpipes and interior fire alarm systems are inspected daily by a competent mechanic, to insure effective use in case of emergencies.
  13. Organize and maintain an efficient fire brigade.
  14. Make sure that the wiring and other parts of the electrical illumination system are frequently inspected by a competent electrician.
  15. Eliminate the use of combustible material for decorative purposes and, if any such is used, see that it is properly flame-proofod.”

A fire department has been organized at Wilbur, Wash. N. A. Smith is Chief.

A new fire station was opened at Sacramento, Cal. This is the second new fire station to be opened under the revision plan worked out by Chief Dunphy. A truck company and an engine company will be quartered in the $14,000 house.

The construction of two new fire stations is being planned as an unemployment relief measure for San Diego, Cal. One house will be erected at Pacific Beach and another at the east end of the city.

Frank Hamilton Maynard, Chairman of the Board, General Fire Extinguisher Company. Providence, R. I., died in his New York City apartment as the result of bronchial pneumonia. He was eighty-seven years old. He had been associated with the company for sixty-one years. His widow, a daughter and a stepson survive.

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