Deputy Chief Spillane Dead

Deputy Chief Spillane Dead

Deputy Chief Frank J. Spillane, Denver, Col., next in command to Chief John F. Healy, died as the result of a heart attack in his home. He was fifty-two years old.

Chief Spillane was stricken while dressing to report for work at the fire station. A department rescue squad was called and oxygen administered. Chief Spillane was removed to a hospital, where he died shortly afterwards.

Doctors said that an attack of pneumonia last fall had left his heart in a weakened condition.

He joined the department on December 1, 1907, was promoted to Lieutenant on March 13, 1912; Captain on July 1, 1918; Assistant Chief on March 1, 1931, and Deputy Chief on January 16, 1933.

Chief Spillane is survived by three brothers and two sisters.

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