Des Moines Ends Fireworks

Des Moines Ends Fireworks

More children have been assured the use of all limbs and organs as the result of action taken by the City Council of Des Moines, Ia., to prohibit the retail sale of fireworks in the city. The only exception to the rule is that the Council can grant permission for supervised fireworks exhibitions that are approved by the Fire Marshal.

When State Fire Marshal Pyle heard of the action of the Council, he said:

“That’s fine. I’m mighty glad to hear that. I think about seventy Iowa cities have passed ordinances regulating fireworks since the disastrous fire at Spencer, Ia., several years ago.

“Of course all of them don’t prohibit sale and shooting of fireworks entirely. Some of them only specify days on which fireworks can he sold and exploded. This office is going to get behind a bill to present at the next session of the Iowa legislature. Fireworks are a great fire hazard and it is our job to try to cut down the fire loss.”

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