Design of Salvage Company Apparatus

Design of Salvage Company Apparatus

Mason City, Ia., which, according to Chief D. H. Shire, is the smallest city to have a paid Fire Department, has a complete salvage company in service.

The apparatus for Salvage Company No. 1 is mounted on a 1 1/2-ton International Truck chassis, with a six-cylinder motor. The wheel base is 160 inches. The body is entirely constructed of steel and is divided into six compartments, three on each side. The two forward compartments each hold twelve stock covers and the center compartment on the left side holds twelve roof or attic covers. All covers used are twelve by eighteen feet. The middle section on the right side holds three rolls of roof paper, three bundles of lath, three hammers and several sacks of nails for covering openings made for ventilating a fire. The two rear compartments open to the rear of the body and not up as do the four others. The one on the right rear has a 12-foot length of 3-inch soft suction hose and a 12-foot length of 44-inch radiator cooling hose on the top shelf. The center shelf has pliers, small wrenches and screwdrivers, while the bottom shelf has the first aid kit and medical supplies. On the top shelf of the left rear section are eighteen sprinkler replacement heads for various degrees of heat, and the necessary tools for replacing the heads. The other shelves have drain covers, wooden plugs for driving into water and gas pipes, wooden wedges for holding covers on wall cases, and signs to place on covers where they are placed on glass cases so as to prevent men climbing on to such cases.

The center of the body has a divided hose bed carrying 500 feet of 2 1/2-inch double jacket and 400 feet of 1 1/2-inch double jacket hose.

There are two compartments on the right running board. In the forward one are Burrel gas masks, and the rear one which extends across the hack of the apparatus, has mops, brooms and squeegee handles. The left side forward compartment has a shelf with eight squeegee heads, and on the bottom of this section are several large Stilson and monkeywrenches. jacks and several wrecking bars. The rear step carries a door opener and a crowbar, and two shut-off nozzles. The rear side boxes have the nozzle tips and one 1 1/2inch nozzle on each side. Two scoop shovels are carried on each side of the body with two wooden scoops in the rear left part of the cover box.

Salvage Apparatus of Mason City, Ia.Rear View, Showing the Compartments

The front end of the body has a 100-gallon copper booster tank with the booster hose basket above it. The basket has 200 feet of 3/4-inch booster hose and nozzle. The bell and spot lights are mounted just in front and above the booster basket. Under the seat is a 350-gallon Northern rotarypump.

The apparatus also carries 2 1/2-gallon extinguishers, four large buckets, cooper hose jacket, fire axe. two 14-foot babyextensions, and three stock covers on top of the hose for the first cover-ins. There are also two 150-foot life lines, six chamois skins and six sponges.

This apparatus responds to all alarms and first aid calls.

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