An Exhibition Run of Last Apparatus of Old Type Held at Celebration of Motorization of the Fire Department — Many Former Members Present

MONDAY noon, April 10, 1922, marked the entire motorization of the fire department of the city of Detroit. In honor of the event, an exhibition fire run of the last horse drawn equipment was given to our citizens. A reviewing stand was erected in front of the City Hall, Formal invitations were issued to former fire commissioners, retired chiefs and other exmembers to gather with us for the occasion. Needless to say there was a wonderful turnout.

The first motor piece of apparatus, which was a chief’s car, entered the department in 1907, for the use of former Chief James C. Broderick (now on the retired list) followed by Rescue Squad the next year, and subsequently adding motor pumping engines, motor drawn aerial and service ladder trucks, as well as other motor equipment.

Fire Commissioner Wm. E. Metzger, Detroit

The department now composes the following: Motor pumping engines, 55; motor aerial and service trucks, 26; chemical hose cars, 10; high pressure cars, 2; rescue cars, 3; chiefs’ and officers’ cars, 29; commercial vehicles, 34; total, 159.

Quite a number of moving picture outfits witnessed the exhibition, getting the apparatus in action, as well as pictures of the occupants of the reviewing stand. These pictures we understand will be shown all over the country.

The last known horse company, Engine 37, headed the program, followed b y motor apparatus composed of rescue car, pumper and aerial truck, also chief of department’s car.

Chief Timothy E. Callahan, Detroit

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Detroit’s Last Horse-Drawn Apparatus Passes

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During the ceremony, the firemen’s band rendered selections, and after the fire run was made headed the procession of apparatus. In the procession was the oldest horse in the department “Ned,” who had made fire runs since 1909, being shifted from one company to another when motor apparatus was installed.

His Honor, the Mayor, James Couzens, and members of the Common Council were our guests also during the entire program.

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