Detroit Firemen Battle 5-Alarm Blaze

Detroit Firemen Battle 5-Alarm Blaze

A spectacular five alarm fire that brought 29 pieces of equipment into action early on November 2nd virtually destroyed a four story building at Detroit, Mich., and did approximately $100,000.00 damage before the fire was brought under control. The building, located on 4th Street and Porter, lower downtown west side, was occupied by A. H. Nimmo Dynamo Company (the owner) on the first floor; the Juvenile Chair Mfg. Company on the second floor; the Detroit Overall Company, which were engaged in manufacturing Army overalls, on the third; and the Victory Bar & Mfg. Company on the fourth floor.

Fast Spreading, Smoky December Fire in Detroit Industrial Building Caused Reported Deaths of at Least Three, and Heavy Property Loss

Flames were visible for miles, and thick smoke blanketed the lower downtown west side when first alarm companies responded. A Detroit Police Vice Squad Car, cruising in the district discovered the fire and turned in the first alarm from box 86, located at Michigan and Second at 2:28 A.M. This brought out Engines 8—1—3, Ladder 1—3, Chief

  1. High Pressure 3, and Rescue Co. 1. The fire was extended throughout the entire building as first alarm apparatus pulled up so a 2—2 was sent out at 2:35, bringing in additional equipment. Engines 6—4—5, Ladder 12, Batt. Chief
  2. Rescue 2, High Pressure 1, Water Tower 1, the Ambulance, Light Rig, Gasoline Supply Truck, Chief of Water Supply, Chief of Apparatus, and the Fire Marshal.

Third Alarm was sounded at 2:40 A. M. calling Engine 11—10, Ladder 20, and Chief of Department. Fourth Alarm at 2:47 A.M. brought out Engine 19—15, Ladder 5, and Batt. Chief 3. Fifth Alarm at 2:52 A.M. Engine 17—18 responded. Ladder 14 as well as Engines 53—43—40 were sent to the fire by telephone at 3:11 A.M. Engine 42—37—35—46 were moved, filling in at houses vacated by apparatus already in service at the blaze.

Six High Pressure guns were brought into play on the burning building as well as four aerial ladder lines.. Twenty-one—2 1/2 inch lines were also used.

Forty thousand dollars worth of electric motors were damaged, according to F. A. Nimmo, President of Nimmo Electric Co.; 45,000 yards of overall material valued at $20,000 were consumed by the flames. The machines used in making the Army and Navy Coveralls were also destroyed.

No one was injured although the night watchman, William Cody, 70, narrowly averted being trapped by the flames, when he was rescued by Patrolman Milton Wagner and Arthur Lindow of the Detroit Police Department. The cause has not been determined, but is under investigation by the Detroit Fire Department’s Arson Squad.

Detroit Firemen Battle 5-Alarm Blaze


Detroit Firemen Battle 5-Alarm Blaze

Fire was discovered on the second floor of a five-story building in the heart of Detroit’s wholesale district, West Jefferson near Woodward Avenue on May 10 at 3:50 a.m.

Fanned by cross draughts, and aided by quick-burning materials, the fire soon spread to other floors, later involving the entire structure. Five alarms were sounded in quick succession and brought to the scene fourteen engine and hose companies, five truck companies, three high pressure companies, two Rescue Squads, a water tower, and the F’ire Department’s ambulance.

Early Morning Fire in Detroit That Gave 4-Hour Fight

Fire, smoke, and water completely destroyed stock on all five floors. The buildings were occupied by wholesale tobacconists, glove manufacturers, and leather goods manufacturers. I-oss was estimated at approximately $300,000.

Heavy streams from the high pressure system greatly aided in bringing the blaze under control after four hours’ effort. It is believed 10,000,000 gallons of water w’ere poured into the burning structure. Much of the water gushed into open basements of adjoining buildings, causing a great amount of commotion until the later hours of the day.