Detroit, Mich., is engaged in the construction of a fourbarreled sewer outlet in its east end, just west of the water works park. Most of the work is through a marsh and part of the sewer. The outlet is the largest ever built in Detroit, and will conduct the sewage of the extreme east end of the city beyond the channel bank into the current of the river. The four barrels will extend through Park View avenue from the channel bank up to Jefferson avenue, a distance of 2,350 feet,where two each are siamesed to connect with the McClellan avenue sewer, just west of Park View avenue, and the Cadillac boulevard sewer, quite a distance up the avenue, and just opposite the entrance of the water works grounds. In order to obtain the necessary fall of ten inches per hundred feet, the water main on Jefferson avenue had to be lowered from five to six feet.

The job has required in addition to much labor a large amount of material for foundations. This consists of 1,000,000 feet of timber, and 1,700 piles. The latter are driven in seven rows down Park View avenue, the outside rows being of oak, inside of which latter is a sheet piling. On the tops of the five rows of piles, which are of elm, are laid on elm timbers 12 by 12, in the direction of the sewer. Across these are spiked down two layers of three-inch elm planks, on top of which is laid the concrete foundation for the sewers proper. The latter will contain 2,000,000 bricks, and will be cemented throughout on the inside.

From the finished portion— a distance of 750 feet from lefferson avenue—to the river is 1,300 feet,and to the channel bank 1,700 feet. Thus it is seen that 400 feet of the outlet will have to be built in the water from a few inches to three feet deep. The work in the river will be done by the means of cofferdams, and that part of the work will be commenced soon.

The two outside barrels are cylindrical, with a vertical diameter of four feet nine inches and horizontal diameter of four feet eight inches. The two inside barrels are flat bottomed, both four feet nine inches high, and five feet and four feet eight inches wide, respectively. The two main sewers which empty into this outlet are cylindrical. The McClellan avenue sewer has a diameter of six feet three inches, and the Cadillac boulevard sewer a diameter of five feet nine inches.

I angley & Jeynes are the contractors, and they will receive about §50,000 when the work is completed. They began the job nearly three months ago, and will have to work about five months more to complete the contract. The city furnishes the cement .and the inspection, with which the entire cost of the sewer outlet will be brought up to $60,000.

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