An editor has many Devils to contend with.

Nearly all of them are within himself.

The most Devilish Devil of them all, however, is an outside Devil, so very Devilish that he has won the prefix of “The“—The Printers Devil and it should be a law in every state that any Editor vexed by The Printers Devil should not only be allowed, but directed to put him to death by the most Devilish torture his ingenuity could devise and as a reward to receive from a grateful clientele a gold headed sword walking stick —Look on page sixty The FIRE ENGINEER for February, read the first signature A. A. Fulton. This should be R. E. Fulton and where that Devil secured those two initial A’s the mind of man cannot conceive.

The error was probably unnoticed by the distinguished author of that thought compelling letter, you read it, of course, for it is substance of things and not himself, that is considered by Mr. Fulton, but to the Editor that error, as is any other error of a man’s name is—Anathema Maranatha!

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