Dickers Over Cost of Fighting Fire

Dickers Over Cost of Fighting Fire

The proverbial New England thriftiness has even spread as far west as Salt Fake City, Utah. One resident there believes in having a definite understanding with the other party before purchasing merchandise. She employed the same practice when she found her home afire and could not extinguish the blaze with her methods.

She called up the fire department and asked. “How much does it cost to have a fireman help put out a fire?”

“There is no charge, lady,” the fireman replied, “and it will he no more expensive to have the whole department come down. But speak quick, where is the fire?”

“Well, this is Mrs. George Scown speaking. My home is on fire. I have tried to put it out myself, but 1 think l had better have at least one fireman to help. Oh yes, I nearly forgot. 1 live at 807 Park street. I’ll he ever so much obliged if you will send someone down.”

The fire company was rustled out of bed and instructed to extinguish the fire ’.without charge lest the blaze spread to other buildings.

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