Died Before Discovery.

Died Before Discovery.

A short time since we printed an account of a confession made by one Christian Schauze, a prominent bridge builder of Chicago, now dead, to William Roedigar of Kalamazoo, Mich., in which he gave the startling details of the burning of Hechtingen, a suburb of Calvorden, a province of Brunswick, Prussia, in 1854, implicating himself and one Schugart Schultz. In the confession he stated that Schultz was then living in Germany in prosperous circumstances, and that a reward had been offered for the arrest and discovery of the perpetrators.

I he confession was filed before Justice Jannasch of Kalamazoo, who immediately forwarded it to the German imperial consul at Cincinnati. From the latter city the confession was sent to the German authorities, and an investigation followed which resulted in the finding that Schultz had been living in Flechtingen in comfortable circumstances, as the confession said, but he had died a few weeks previous to the arrival of the confession from the German consul.

FIVE TONS OF POWDER EXPLODE —Five tons of powder were exploded in a granite quarry at Graniteville, Mo., on Monday. The force upturned a mountain of granite fiftytwo feet in the air. The shaft was sunk 100 feet in solid granite, and the chambers were thirty feet long, cut on each side of the shaft. The powder was packed in close. About 100 people witnessed the great upheaval from a safe position. The concussion was terrific, and blocks of granite weighing 100 tons were tossed high in air.

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