First Diesel Operated Fire Engine Built Has 175 Horsepower

Chief James D. Kailor

Columbus, Ind.

OUR new diesel fire truck, first in the United States, was built by The New Stutz Fire Apparatus Company, Inc., Hartford City, Indiana. The specially built unit is a Model “F-D” triple combination pumper equipped with a Cummins diesel. The diesel is a Model LH-600, 6 cylinder, bore 4 7/8″, stroke 6”, with a piston displacement of 672 cubic inches. At 1800 rpm, 150 hp is developed and at 2200 rpm, 175 hp is developed.

The transmission used provides five speeds forward and two reverse. Wheel base of the truck is 171 inches, width 96 inches. Brakes are four wheel hydraulic equipped with a booster. The specially built chassis and hose body has capacity for 1200 feet of 2 1/2″ double jacket fire hose and 300 feet of 1 1/2″ leader line fire hose.

Positive Displacement Pump

The pump is a Hale positive displacement geared rotary cam type, with a displacement of 1.634 GPR. Guaranteed pump capacity at normal engine speed with a lift of 10 feet is 1,000 gallons at a pressure of 120 pounds, 500 gallons at 200 pounds pressure and 333 gallons at 250 pound pressure. A 100-gallon booster tank connected to the pump is equipped with a shut-off valve; 200 feet of one-inch hose with a shut-off valve is connected to the pump at all times and is carried on a reel in back of the seat over the booster tank.

The alarm signals include a ten-inch locomotive bell, a large Federal siren with a red flasher and an extra large red light mounted on the hood.

The bare chassis weighs 11,000 pounds. Loaded with all tanks full and all equipment in place, the unit weighs 17,995 pounds.

The shatter proof glass windshield is equipped with twin electric wipers. Top speed of the unit is sixty-five mph.

Underwriters’ tests were conducted at Blue Water Lake, Montpelier, Indiana. Lift was 5 feet. The first test employed two 50-foot lengths of 2 1/2 inch C. R. L. hose siamesed into the nozzle with a two-inch tip. The engine to pump gear ratio used was 2.5 to 1. The diesel operated 1,630 rpm. and the pump, 652 rpm. 1,012 gallons per minute were discharged at 124 pounds net pressure for 6 hours.

The second test used 50 feet of 2 1/2-inch C. R. L. hose into nozzle with a 1 1/2-inch tip; discharge gate throttled. Using a gear ratio of 4.425 to 1, the diesel was operated at 1,664 rpm. and the pump 376 rpm. At a net pressure of 206 pounds, 519 gpm. were discharged for three hours.

The third test used 50 feet of 2 1/2-inch C. R. L. hose into nozzle with a 1 1/8inch tip; discharge gate throttled. As in the second test, the 4.425 to 1 gear ratio was used. The diesel operated at 1,180 rpm. and the pump 267 rpm. At a net pressure of 255 pounds, 339 gallons per minute were discharged for three hours.

The diesel is started with two 12-volt batteries. It starts easily and quickly in any kind of weather. The engine is a full diesel, starting on diesel fuel and employs no auxiliary “helping” units.

The diesel burned 53 gallons of four cent fuel oil for the 12-hour run and pumped 1,140 gpm. The diesel burns standard No. 3 furnace fuel oil.

The New Cummins Diesel Powered Fire Truck in Service in Columbus, Ind.

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