Dillon, Chief of Binghamton, N.Y.

Dillon, Chief of Binghamton, N.Y.

Asst. Chief Arthur J. Dillon, of Binghamton, N. Y., has been promoted to head of the department, effective August 1.

He joined the Independent Hose Company No. 5 on August 14. 1906. and was appointed fireman on July 1, 1909. He was advanced to Captain on November 4, 1915; Fire Marshal, August 1. 1922; Battalion Chief, April 10, 1925; Second Assistant Chief, May 2, 1927; First Assistant Chief, November 1. 1928.

Chief Dillon is fifty-two years old.

To fill the vacancy caused by the promotion of Chief Dillon, William D.

The One-Man Fire Department of Chaffinch Island Many communities cannot boast of the fire protection that is afforded the community of Chaffinch Island which is one of the smallest populated districts to have a recognized Fire Department. Chief Francis E. Ingals is shown with his new Maxim apparatus. What the department lacks in personnel, it appears to make up in the number of apparatus units.

Gases, Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

Owing to lack of space in this issue it has been found necessary to omit the installment of the series on “Gases, Chemicals and Hazardous Materials.” This series will be resumed in the September issue.

Thomas, Second Assistant Chief, was promoted to First Assistant Chief.

He became a fireman on July 1, 1611; Lieutenant, January 15, 1617; Captain, January 1, 1618; Battalion Chief. May 2. 1927; Second Assistant Chief. November 1. 1628; First Assistant Chief, August 1. 1936. He is forty-six years old.

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