Directors of Fire Equipment Distributors Meet in Washington

Directors of Fire Equipment Distributors Meet in Washington

THE ANNUAL directors meeting of the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors held in Washington on Saturday, May 15, was highlighted by a presentation by the board of directors of a sterling silver ice bucket to John W. Bower, Jr., for his service as first president.

The association was formed 18 months ago and at present has 165 of the leading distributors and servicers of fire equipment in the United States and Canada as members. During Mr. Bower’s administration the association doubled in size and became active in all phases of fire protection and prevention. They work jointly with the Fire Equipment Manufacturers Association in areas of legislation, market development and service and recharge problems. In addition, they are very active nationally with the National Fire Protection Association.

At a special luncheon given in his honor the directors of the association were hosts to Percy Bugbee, general manager of the NFPA, who was one of the many persons who helped organize the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors.

In addressing the group, Mr. Bugbee pointed out the benefits that come from independent groups of business men working together with a common objective of offering the public the means of better fire prevention and protection.

Carey Nelson is current president and J. A. Proven executive secretary of the association whose offices are located at 1718 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, Ill.

John W. Bower, Jr., Atomic Fire Equipment Co., first president, receives gift for service. At right is Harold D. Hard, Harold D. Hard Company, directorCarey Nelson, Houston Fire & Safety Equipment Co., note president, congratulates Percy Bugbee, NFPA, on his talk

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