Does This Apply to Your City?

Does This Apply to Your City?

Are the schools of two or more stories in your section provided with proper fire escapes?

Are the moving picture houses in your section operated safely with sufficient exits; doors opening outward?

Is smoking prohibited in buildings or public halls where a large number of people congregate?

Arc all the above buildings provided with chemical fire extinguishers of approved type?

Are the premises which you control kept free from trash of all classes?

Do the garages in your section allow smoking on the premises?

Do you stop the engine of your auto before filling the tank and prohibit smoking about it at that time?

If not, unnecessary risks of losing life and property are being run. Just the kind that help to swell the enormous fire waste of the state.—South Dakota Fire Marshal Bulletin.

Chief J. W. C. Pape, of the fire department of Bergenfield, N. J., was reelected on December 13. at the same time First Assistant Chief Charles Lippert and Second Assistant Chief Charles Raiche were re-elected.

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