Dog Prevents Spread of Fire

Dog Prevents Spread of Fire

Truth is ofttimes stranger than fiction!

Were the following facts worked into a motion picture story, it is possible that the average person might consider the plot just a little bit far fetched. However, the story occurred in Stockton, Cal., and the chief actress was a little terrier that had wandered into the garage of the Pacific Gas & Electric Company many years before.

Little can happen with Tillie on guard twenty-four hours of the day.

Early in the morning the dog saw nine automobiles ablaze and seventy other cars in the garage in danger of destruction. There was no one in the garage at the time but Tillie. She ran across the road where she noticed plenty of men at the gas works. She singled out the foreman and ran around him in circles, barking all the time. At frequent intervals the dog started to run towards the garage. At first the foreman did not understand, but after this performance was repeated, he followed the dog. The garage told its own story. He turned in an alarm and the fire department was able to limit the loss to $1,000.

Tillie Standing Guard

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