Notes from the Field

Kingston, Ont., May 22nd, 1920.

Dear Chief—Have you made arrangements to attend the 12th Annual Convention at St. Thomas, Ont., August 3-4-5-6th. If not. WHY? Are you a member of the Association. If not. WHY? I am enclosing herewith Application for Membership card for your serious consideration, and a letter addressed to the Head of the Municipal Council has been sent to your Municipal Clerk, requesting that you be enrolled as a member with us and also that provision be made for payment of your expenses in attending this year’s Convention. Will you kindly enquire from the Clerk if he has received this communication and also see that it reaches the Council or proper committee so that the way may be cleared for you attending the Convention.

Chief A. Henderson is making all necessary arrangements so as to provide hotel accommodations for those attending, and you are urgently urged to at once make reservation if you intend to be present.

Chief A. S. Kappele, Chairman of the Committee on Exhibits, is working hard to secure the largest and best exhibit of Fire Apparatus, Tools, and Department Supplies that has ever been exhibited at the Conventions.

The Board of Directors have decided that this year the program shall largely consist of Round Table Discussions, and only two set Topics are down for discussion. One of these has regard to the proper Care and Maintenance of Storage Batteries for Fire Alarm Telegraph Systems and the other an address by Dominion Fire Commissioner J. Grove Smith, on Fire Prevention and matters related thereto. If you have any suggestions to make for the Round Table discussions please forward them to me without delay so that I may include them in the program of business of the Convention.

A proposition was made to your Board of Directors in reference to the inauguration of a Dominion Fire College or Training School for Officers and Firemen, and it was decided to approve of the principle and to appoint a committee to take up the matter with the authorities and report to the Convention as to all details, location and syllabus of the proposed College. The committee appointed was as follows:

Alberta, Chief R. Davies, Edmonton; British Columbia, Asst. Chief C. Thompson, Vancouver; Manitoba, Chief H. E. Rose, St. Vital; New Brunswick, Chief George Ackman, Moncton; Nova Scotia, Chief J. F. Churchill, Halifax; Ontario, Chief J. W. Graham, Ottawa; Quebec, Chief A. Tessier, Hull; Saskatchewan, Chief W. A. White, Regina; and the Secretary of the Association.

I may also add that at their annual meeting held in the City of Ottawa, May 12-13th, the Dominion Fire Prevention Association appointed two members to act on a similar committee.

Enclosed herewith you will find a copy of letter from the Dominion Fire Commissioner, J. Grove Smith, under date of March 23rd, outlining the general scheme and a suggested syllabus for the proposed College.

A number of copies of the 1919 book of proceedings, Calgary Convention, are yet on hand and if you desire a copy sent to your Chairman or other member of the Council I will be pleased to do so as long as the supply lasts.

As I requeted in my former circular, will you kindly forward to me the names of any Chiefs who are not members of the Association so that I may send them invitations to attend this year’s Convention.

As the International Association of Fire Engineers are meeting this year in the City of Toronto, Ont., it will be possible for those of our members who come from outside the Province of Ontario, and in some cases even from Ontario, to arrange to attend both Conventions with very little added expense. The dates of the International Convention being July 26 to 30th inclusive. Any information required as to either our own or the International Convention will be furnished by your secretary on request




Chief J. E. Buchanan, of Winnipeg, Man., president of the Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs, and Chief James Armstrong, secretary of the Association, have issued circular letters telling of the plans made for the organization’s convention which is to be held at Port Arthur, Fort William, Ont., on July 24, 25, 26 and 27, opening at 9 a. m., in the Council Chamber, Port Arthur The letter or bulletin states that the following are the topics arranged for and the speakers who will address the convention: “Fire Alarm Telegraph Systems, their installation, care and efficiency, and their development from gravity cells to storage battery,” by F. A. Cambridge, City Electrician, Winnipeg, Manitoba. “Volunteer Fire Brigades, their value and service to municipalities,” by Chief W. Senn, Eganville, Ont., and A. Z. Couture, Sherbrooke, Que. “Fire Protection and Prevention, in hospitals, public and private,” by John E. Keyes, Chief Fire Department, Galt, Ont. “Wire Glass, its advantages as a fire protection, and its disadvantages to the work of fire departments when called to fires in buildings in which it is installed,” by W. J. Smith, Chief Fire Department, Toronto, Ont. Illustrated address on the fire at the plant of the Quaker Oats Company at Peterborough, Ont., by E. P. Heaton, Fire Marshal for Ontario. “Inspection of buildings by members of the Uniformed Force of the Fire Departments,” by Thomas Davis, Chief Fire Department, Victoria, B. C. “The High Pressure System,” by J. E. Buchanan, Chief Fire Department, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Committee on Fire Prevention which presented a good report last year has been enlarged and will have a further report ready to give to the Convention on this important subject. There will be question box and round table discussions on Thursday evening.

The President has announced the following Committees:

Fire Prevention—Chief Joseph Tremblay, chairman, Montreal, Que.; Chief H. C. Rutter, Fredericton, N. B.; Chief D. J. Lewis, Brantford, Out.; Chief George Blake, St. John, N. B.; Chief J. M. Melhuish, Brandon, Man.; Chief R. McLeod, Port Arthur, Ont.; E. P. Heaton, Provincial Fire Marshal of Ontario; P. J. Jobin, Provincial Fire Commissioner, of Quebec; A. E. Fisher, Provincial Fire Commissioner for Saskatchewan ; T. B. Molloy, Asst. Supt. of Insurance for Manitoba.

Exhibits—Chief J. S. France, chairman, Bain Waggon Works, Woodstock, Out.; Chief A. Debeau, Verdun, Que.; Chief J. H. Carlisle, Vancouver, B. C.; Chief W. J. Smith, Toronto, Ont.; Chief T. H. Fitzpatrick, Chatham, N. B.; Chief N. Roberts, Lachine, Que.

Credentials—Chief R. Roxborough, chairman, Portage la Prairie, Man.; Chief Jno. Aitkens, London, Ont.; Chief P. A. Biladeau, Grand Mere, Que.

Courtesies—Chief A. B. Ten Eyck, chairman, Hamilton, Ont.; Chief J. S. Kelly, Souris, Man.; Chief J. Smith, Prince Albert, Sask.; Chief A. S. Stalker, Pictou, N. S.; ex-Chief A. Logan, Parrv Sound. Ont.

Naming Provincial Vice-Presidents—Chief A. Z. Couture, chairman. Sherbrooke, Que.; Chief James Smart. Calgary, Alberta; Chief Geo. Brady, Cobalt, Out.

Transportation—Chief James Armstrong, chairman. Kingston, Ont.; Chief J. Breakey. Sarnia, Ont.; G. E. Thomas, Toronto, Out.; T. W. McKenney, Toronto, Out.; Gordon E. Wight, Fort Willam, Ont.

Legislation—Chief W . A. Howard, chairman, Peterborough, Ont.; Chief A. B. Ten Eyck, Hamilton. Ont.; Chief J. E. Keyes, Galt, Ont.; Chief W. J. Smith, Toronto, Ont.

Memorial—Chief Joseph Fowler, chairman, Sudbury. Ont.; Chief A. D. Cameron, Fort William, Out.; Chief R. McLeod, Port Arthur, Out.; Chief A. Tessier, Hull, Que.; Chief James Dickson, St. James, Man.

The Secretary will be at the Prince Arthur Hotel on Saturday, July 21, and in Chief McLeod’s office at the l ire Station on Monday, July 23, to receive issued badges, etc.

The following letter has been received from Chief Armstrong, the secretary:

To the Editor: Dear Sir—As already noted in the columns of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, our annual convention will be held at the Head of the Lakes, July 24-25-26 and 27. A good programme of topics and addresses has been prepared, while the Committees of the Cities of Port Arthur and Fort William, will see to that after business we are well entertained. have been informed by Chief Cameron, of Fort William, that there is a splendid road for automobile travel from Duluth to Fort William, and he extends an invitation to the chiefs of the State of Minnesota who wish to take a vacation tour by auto, to come over at the time of the convention and visit the Canadian Twin Cities. more than special invitation is extended to our American brother chiefs to attend the Canadian convention this year. One of our slogans “Business as Usual,” and the chiefs believe in too. For those in the State of Michigan and nearby states, I would say that it is expected that several parties will be arranged to go via boat from Sarnia and Sault Ste Marie, and a cordial invitation to anyone who may be going is given to join one of these parties. Full particulars will be sent to anyone writing for them, and as soon as arrangements are completed, I will send word you. To exhibitors who this year were figuring on having an exhibit at the International Convention we would say, that they now have splendid chance of coming with an exhibit and getting acquainted with the chiefs of the Canadian fire service. There is no charge for exhibit space. Arrangements have been made with the Custom authorities for the admission of exhibits from across the line, and we will assure them a hearty welcome. For particulars as to exhibits, write Chief J. S. France, Woodstock, Out,, chairman of the Exhibit Committee, and for any other information, write the secretary.

Sincerely yours,


Kingston, Out., June 14, 1917.