Dominion Association Transportation Information

Dominion Association Transportation Information

The following information regarding a special party traveling together from Toronto and intermediate points to Calgary for this year’s convention of the Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs has been furnished the secretary:

Canadian Pacific train will leave Toronto on Wednesday, August 13, at 2 P. M., for Port McNicoll, where it will connect with boat leaving there at 5.30 P. M. for the trip across the lakes to Port Arthur, arriving there at 7 A. M. on Friday, August 15. Train will leave Port Arthur at 9.55 A. M., arriving in Winnipeg the same evening at 11 P. M. A stop-over at Winnipeg will be arranged till 11 P. M. on Saturday, 16th, arriving in Calgary at 5.35 A. M., Monday, the 18th. The cost of round trip ticket will be $103.10, and this includes meals and berths on boat from Port McNicoll to Port Arthur. An additional charge for Pullman car, Port Arthur to Calgary, will be: For lower berth, $7.25; for upper berth, $5.80; drawing room, $26 each way; meals on train extra. If there are 25 or more persons traveling together, a special Pullman car will be provided for their exclusive use from Port Arthur to Calgary, so that all luggage, etc., can be left in car in care of porter during the trip.

To make the above arrangements and provide as far as possible for outside staterooms on promenade deck of boat, it is necessary that at least 30 days’ notice be given to the transportation companies. Will you therefore notify either the secretary or Geo. E. Thomas, of the American-LaFrance Fire Engine Co., of Canada, not later than July 10 of your intention to take advantage of this trip, so that he can complete all necessary arrangements for comfort and pleasure en route.


Box 56, Kingston, Ontario.

Chief C. A. Clancy, of Milwaukee, Wis., pleads for the adoption of the two-platoon system for the fire department and strongly urges the motorization of all apparatus.

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