Successful Gathering Adopts New Pension Plan—Lively Discussions on Fire-Fipliting TopicsOfficers Elected—Those Present

WITH increased membership and financially in splendid condition, the Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs held its seventeenth annual convention at the Royal Connaught Hotel, Hamilton, Ont., September 21 to 24. The sessions were held in the main ballroom of the hotel and the exhibits of firefighting apparatus and appliances were placed in the central fire station.

Opening Session, Tuesday, September 21

The convention was called to order by its president. Chief Rory McLeod, Port Arthur, Ont., who introduced Mayor Jutten at 9:30 a. m. The chair introduced Mayor Jutten, of Hamilton, presented the key of the city to the members and made an address of welcome. Other addresses were made. This was seconded in addresses by Alderman Burrell, chairman of the fire and jail committee, Chief Wallace T. Janies of Hamilton, and Ex-Chief A. B. Ten Eyck, both of Hamilton. The reply was by President McLeod.

Memorial Service

Immediately, following the opening exercises the Association held its annual memorial service for those who had passed on during the year. The names of those commemorated were ExChief George S. Murray, Windsor; Chief George E. Blake, St. John, N. B., and Chief A. Z. Coture, Courture, Sherbrooke, Que. The service was conducted by Ven. Archdeacon Renison, rector of the Church of the Ascension, who made an eloquent tribute to the dead fire-fighters. The exercises were concluded by the singing of the hymn, “Jesus, Lover of My Soul,” by Aldermen William Burton, of Hamilton.

A feature of the opening session was the introduction of four former members of the Hamilton fire department, who, through their own efforts, have risen to the highest ranks. The president called upon ex-Chief Ten Eyck, of Hamilton; ExChief Health, of Saskatoon; Chief A. S. Kapclle, Stratford, and Chief A. D. Cameron of Fort William, for brief addresses. The four former Hamilton firemen were given a hearty reception.

Afternoon Session of Tuesday

At the afternoon session of Tuesday, which convened at 2 o’clock, communication was received from the Ontario FireFighters’ Federation calling attention to the fact that the provincial organization in convention had recommended five threads for hose and hydrant couplings. The provincial body requested that the Association endorse its action and recommend a campaign to make such a standard general throughout the Dominion.

E. P. Heaton, provincial fire marshal, spoke in favor of the Provincial Fire Fighters’ suggestion, pointing out that in the event of a big fire where a fire department of one city was called upon to assist in fighting a fire in a neighboring city or town, they would encounter no difficulty with the couplings if standardized.

This precipitated considerable discussion, and finally a motion that a committee be appointed to deal with the matter was carried.

G. E. Thomas, sales manager for the American-LaFrance Fire Fngine Company of Toronto, entered a complaint against the methods employed by the Ontario and Quebec fire underwriters, who he asserted practically refused to make tests of pumping apparatus. Such tests, Mr. Thomas said, were made in nearly every other province by the underwriters free of charge and the expert report of the underwriters’ engineers was often the only means by which fire chiefs and municipalities could determine the efficiency of the equipment. Mr. Thomas charged that the Ontario and Quebec underwriters could not be called upon to make tests when required. A committee was appointed to frame a resolution asking the National Board of Fire Underwriters at New York to investigate the conditions and remedy them if necessary.

Increased Membership and Good Financial Condition

Secretary Armstrong in his annual report, showed that the association had made excellent gains in membership. The number of members had increased from 289 last year to 311 in 1925. The report of Treasurer Mattice showed the association’s finances to be in flourishing condition.

Wednesday’s Session

The following resolution was presented as a notice of an amendment to the constitution at this session by Chief Pritchard, Chatham:

“Resolved, that captains and lieutenants be made active instead of associate members of the Dominion Association in futute.

Papers at this session were “Fire Prevention in Small Towns, by Chief James Moore, of Barton, and “Fire Extinguishers Why they Burst and Prevention,” by Master Mechanic John MacDonald, of Hamilton.

Parade in Afternoon

The afternoon was taken up by a parade of the Hamilton fire department, under command of Chief James. In the evening the Burlington fire department gave an exhibition of drills and fire-fighting work, in front of the Connaught Hotel. The department was accompanied by its own band. There was dancing in the evening in hotel ballroom.

Election of Officers on Thursday

The election of officers for the ensuing association year resulted as follows:

President, Chiet William Hardy, Lethbridge, Alta., first vice president, Chict A. Tessier, Hull, P. Q.; second vice president, chief Brady, North Ray, Ont.: secretary, Chief James Armstrong, Kingston, Ont.; treasurer, Chief John Miller, William Davies Company; auditor, Chief Vickers, Westmount, P. Q., with a three year term.

Provincial vice-presidents: Alberta, Chief Alex Carr, Calgary; British Columbia, Chief K. M. White, Alberni; Manitoba, Chief W. Thompson., St Boniface: New Brunswick, Chief G. P. Ryder, St. Stephens: Nova Scotia, Chief J. W. Churchill, Halifax; Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. Chief Ryder; Ontario East, Chief R. Dey, Pembroke; Ontario West. Chief J. A. Mitrella, St. Thomas: Ontario North, thief Jucksch, Schumaker; Saskatchewan, Chief J. E. Faithfull, Saskatoon; Quebec, Chief R. N. O. Harrington, MeColl Brothers, Limited, Montreal.

There was a contest for the office of second vice-president, the candidates being Chief Kerr, Leamington; Chief De Fields, of Windsor; Chief Brady, of North Bay, and Chief James, of Hamilton. Chief De Fields withdrew his name, and Chiefs Brady and lames were tied on the first ballot. Chief Brady won on the second ballot. Chief Armstrong was elected secretary for the tenth time, he having first been given the office in 1915.

The next convention city, it was unanimously decided, will be Windsor, Ont.

Adopts Pension Plan

Adopts Pension Plan introduced by J. Grove Smith, Dominion which provides pensions for all classes of firemen, was on motion of Chief Brady and seconded by Chief Kerr, unanimously adopted. Motions to cut down expenses by eliminating unnecessary discussions from the printed proceedings of the association’ and to combine the offices of secretarytreasurer, without extra compensation, were carried. The latter, it was decided, however, could not go into effect until next year, as it was an amendment to the constitution. Among those chiefs present at the convention were the following:

Chief R. McLeod, Port Arthur, president; Chief William Hardy, Lethbridge, Alta., first vice-president; Chief A. Tessier, Hull, second vicepresident; Chief James Armstrong, Kingston, secretary: ex-Chief B. N. Mattice, Hamilton, treasurer; Chief A. C. Cameron, Oshawa, director; Chief E. F. Karl, Milton, director; Chief W. L. Andrews, Sudbury, Chief Airth, Renfrew; Chief J. R. Boyer, Dorval, Que.; Chief Burnett, Ottawa; Chief M. Brady, North Bay; W. Johnson, North Lay. District Chief Buchan, Winnipeg; Chief W. G. H. Cummings, west; boro: Chief Stan Coates, Burlington: ex-Chief William Code, Winnipeg, E. B. Code, Hanover; Chief George Duroehcr, Lachine, Que.; J. H. Depilitan, Montreal; Chief Wilfred David, St Lambert, Que ; Chief F. J. Doyle, Newmarket; Chief R. P. Dey, Pembroke; Chief C. J. De Fields, Winnipeg: Chief H. Guerin, Kitchener; Chief H. Guay, Sorel, Que.; Chief George Gimblett, Pcterhoro; Provincial Fire Marshal Heaton; Chief R. N. O. Harrington, Montreal; Captain J. C. Hutchinson, Leamington; Chief G. L. Henter, Hesneler; Leon Jasper, Montreal.

Chief Wallace T. James, Hamilton; M. F. Kappele, Stratford; Chief W. Larente, Villa LaSalle, Que.; Provincial Deputy Fire Commissioner E. Lavigne, Quebec; Chief J. N. Longval, Shawinigan Falls Que.; Chief A. H. Mansell, C. P. R., Montreal; Chief A. Mcuinier, Montreal; Chief W. T. Phillips, Sault Ste. Marie; Chief A. Richer, Ville Ste. Pierre. Que.; Chief W A. Spalding, Preston; F. Smith, Hamilton; Chisf A. B. Ten Eyck, Hamilton; F. B. Tanner, Toronto; Chief William Thompson, St Boniface, Man.; Chief J. C . Vachon, Three Rivers; Chief J. H. Watson, New Westminster, B. C.; Chief W. H. Knowles, Dumdas; Chief W. J. Brown, Belleville.

Chief A. D. Cameron, Fort William; Chief James Hartley, Broekville; Deputy Commissioner T. E. Heath; Chief R. B. Kerr, Leamington, Chief R. McCalTery, Sturgeon Falls; Chief R. Pritchard, Chatham; Chef Matthewson, Cobalt; Chief Charles Vickers, Westmount, Que.; chief O. B. Willis, Outermount, Que.; Charles D. Fraser, Windsor; Chief T. S. France, Woodstock; Lieut. A. Russello, Leamington; Chief Norman Woods. Senate Building, Ottawa; Chief H. Camirend, Sherbrooke, Quo.; Chief E. T. Sequin, Sandwich; P. W. McKenny, Toronto; Chief S. J. Oram, St. Catharines; L. Honsinger, St. Catharines; Chief J. B. Dexter, Chapleau, Ont.; Chief Robert A. Knighton, Guelph; George E. Thomas, Toronto; Chief W. Russell, Toronto: Aid, P. C. Gibbous, Vancouver; Assistant Chief Aitchison, Hamilton; Deputy Chief G. Kingswell Brantford; Chief D. S Merkley, Haileybury; Chief A. F. Thompson, New Liskeard; Chief J. C. Jucksch, Schumacher, Ont., and John J. Lynn, Newark, N. J.

Paterson. N. J., to Improve System—The commissioners of Paterson, N. J., have ordered the installation of two additional trunk lines on the switchboard at fire alarm headquarters. The officials arc also considering the purchase of fire alarm equipment.

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