Dominion Chiefs Meet

Dominion Chiefs Meet

The annual meeting of the Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs was held at St. Catharines, Ont., on August 24-27. It was the largest and most successful in the entire history of the Association, there being 439 members and guests registered at the meeting.

Addresses at the meeting were delivered by many outstanding speakers from both the United States and Canada, with Brigadier General Alexander Ross, Director of Civil ARP for Canada, and Chief Roi B. Woolley of the U. S. Office of Civilian Defense as annual banquet speakers. Other speakers included Col. Carl J. Richmond of the Plant Protection Division of the U. S. Army, Washington. D. C.: Column Officer D. A. Laing of the Corps of Canadian Fire Fighters in Great Britain, Ottawa; Mr. R. C. Mold, Director of Fire Protective Equipment, Wartime Prices and Trade Board, Toronto; Mr. Charles B. MacQueen of the Canadian Underwriters Association, Toronto; and Lieutenant Nelson Rathbun of the Brantford Fire Department. Taking part in the Fire Marshals Forum were Dominion Fire Commissioner W. L. Clairmont, Deputy Fire Commissioner F. X. Ahern of Quebec, and Major E. Desjardins, Deputy Fire Marshal for the Canadian Army, Ottawa.

Fire Marshal W. J. Scott of Ontario, after reporting on the work of the Fire Marshal’s Office and civilian defense activities, announced that by the direction of the Hon. L. E. Blackwell, Attorney General for Ontario, the Fire Marshal’s Office was establishing a “Service Firemen’s Register” to help firemen now in the Naval, Army and R. C. A. F. Fire Services and the Corps of Overseas Fire Fighters to get peacetime employment as firemen.

Resolutions Passed

Resolutions were passed by the meeting on a wide variety of subjects including: (1) A request that the National Selective Service give a high priority rating to regular firemen; (2) that the provinces after the war continue the present federal restrictions against the manufacture and sale of unapproved fire extinguishers; (3) that legislation be enacted for compulsory pension schemes for firemen in all municipalities of 10,000 or over and for compulsory liability and compensation insurance for all firemen; (4) that customs regulations be amended to allow municipal fire prevention bureaus to import educational literature free of duty; and (5) that all municipalities include in their post-war programs the bringing of their fire protection facilities up to proper standards,

New officers of the Dominion Association include Chief J. J. O’Kelly of Ottawa, President; Chief W. L. Andrews of Sudhury. First Vice-President; Chief W. J. S. Walsh of Campbellton, N. B., Second Vice-President; Chief James Armstrong of Kingston, Secretary-Treasurer; Chief Allan Clark of Lakefield. Ont., Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. The Board of Directors include Chief Angus Michie of Lachine, Qne., Chief W. C. Moffatt of Regina, Sask., Mr. Gordon Hall. Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Company, Kitchener, Ont., and Chief A. E. Woods of York Township, Ont.

Honorary life memberships were conferred on Ex-Chief Kenneth Cassels of Hamilton, Ont.; Brigadier General Alexander Ross, Director of Civil ARP for Canada; and Mr. Roi B. Woolley of the U. S. Office of Civilian Defense, Washington, D. C.

Snapped at the St. Catharines Meeting Left to right are Flight Sergeant Joshua Parke, R.C.A.F., formerly fire chief at Glencoe, Ont.; Roi R. Woolley, O.C.D., Washington; W. J. Scott, Fire Marshal, Toronto, Ont.; Chief James Armstrong, Secretary-Treasurer; Chief Krnest Woods, who presided at the meeting; Chief J. J. O’Kelly, newly elected President and Chief W. L. Andrews, newly elected First Vice-President.

Photo Courtesy of W. J. Scott

Speakers at the Dominion Conference Chief Daniel B. Tierney, Arlington, Mass., Secretary-Treasurer of the International Association of Fire ChiefsBrigadier General Alexander Ross, Director of Civil ARP for CanadaColumn Officer D. A. Laing, Adjustant, Corps of Canadian Fire Fighters for Great BritainChief Roi B. Woolley, U. S. Office of Civilian Defense, Washington, D. C.

Photo Courtesy of W. J. Scott

Seen at the Conference Chief W. A. Spalding of Preston, Ont., a Past President of the Dominion Association, and Chief W. J. Walsh of Campbellton, N. B., Second Vice-PresidentChief W. L. Andrews of Sudbury, Ont., First Vice-President, and Chief Ernest Woods of York Township, Ont., immediate Past PresidentChief James Armstrong of Kingston, Ont., Secretary-Treasurer, and Chief J. J. O'Kelly of Ottawa, Out., new PresidentChief C. J. DeFields of Windsor, Ont., Past President, and his daughter, Miss Ruth DcFields.

Photo Courtesy of W. J. Scott

Dominion Chiefs Meet


Dominion Chiefs Meet

The Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs held its Thirty-fourth annual convention at Kitchener, Ontario, on August 11 to 14.

The convention was the largest held by the Association, for a total of 130 chiefs and twenty-seven associate members were on hand.

Chief Harry Guerin of the Kitchener Fire Department, Mayor Joseph Meinzinger and Alderman A. J. Cundick, Chairman of the Fire and Light Committee, welcomed the delegates, who came from all parts of Canada, as did Chief W. A. Spalding of Preston, Ont., who is President of the Association.

Papers included in the first day’s program were those by T. A. Fleming of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York City, who spoke on “New Fire Hazards”; Chief Harold Walton, New Toronto, Ont., whose topic was “The U. S. Army Fire Schools”; and F. X. Ahern, Deputy Fire Commissioner of Quebec, who discussed “Standardization of Hose Couplings.”

At the morning session on August 12 the Provincial Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners, the Dominion Fire Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Arnold C. Renner of Michigan addressed the assembled chiefs. Latest motion pictures on fire and defense problems were shown.

At the afternoon session District Officer Edgar A. Kirby of the London, England, Fire Brigade spoke on “British Fire Fighting in Wartime.” Officer Kirby answered many questions asked him by the group.

At the Annual Banquet. Fire Marshal W. J. Scott of Ontario introduced the principal speaker, who was Lieutenant Colonel William A. Brewer (U. S. Army) of the Office of Civilian Defense, Washington, D. C. Lieutenant Colonel Brewer warned that the countries of Canada and the United States must not relax their civilian fronts, or the enemy will attack at the weakest point.

At the morning session on August 13 F. C. Badgley. Executive Assistant to the Director of Civil A. R. P. for Canada. discussed “A. R. P. for Canada and the Fire Services.” One of the problemfacing the Government today, he said, is to overcome a general attitude of “laissez faire” on the part of the public, an “amused condescension” towards A. R. P. work.

He defined civilian defense as “those measures of passive defense that the civilian population can, and must, take ior the protection of their own lives— the rescue and care of civilian casualties, the maintenance of public services and the protection of property in time of war.”

Chief C. J. DeFields. Windsor Fire Department, in discussing “Training A. R. P. Auxiliary Firemen” urged that A. R. P. training be made compulsory.

Chief W. S. J. Walsh of Campbellton, N. B., outlined the A. R. P. organization work with special reference to his own province.

At the closing session the officers for the following year were chosen. They are as follows: President, Chief Ernest Woods, York Township, Ont.; First Vice-President, Chief J. J. O’Kelly, Ottawa; Second Vice-President, Chief William Andrews, Sudbury, Ont.; and Secretary-Treasurer, Chief Janies Armstrong, Kingston, Ont. Directors named to complete the board are Chief Rosaire Beaulieu, Quebec; Gordon Hall. Kitchener; and Chief Charles Vince, Guelph.

St. Catharines was selected as the 1943 convention city.