Dominion Chiefs to Meet in Windsor

Dominion Chiefs to Meet in Windsor

The 18th annual convention of the Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs is to take place at Windsor, Ont., on August 24 to 27, the headquarters to be at the Prince Edward Hotel, and the exhibits at the Armory. The program, according to Chief James Armstrong, secretary, Kingston, Ont., will include discussion on the following topics:

“Efficiency of Different Sized Water Mains and the Number of 1 1/8″ Hose Streams That Can Efficiently Be Taken from the Different Sized Mains Under Usual Hydrant Pressure.”

“Which Gives the Greatest Efficiency, Large Central Stations with Sufficient Apparatus and Crews to Handle Them or Small Station with One or Two Pieces of Apparatus and Small Crews?” “The Proper Care of Motor Apparatus.” (This is in the nature of a follow-up of discussion of last year’s convention when we dealt with the care, where no permanent firemen were employed. This year’s discussion will be more along the lines of the Permanent Department).

“Auto Congestion and Its Eire Hazards.”

“Private Plant Fire Protection Problems.”

“Hand Pumps vs. Chemical Extinguishers.”

“Chemical Engines vs. Booster Pumps.”

After the opening session of tlie convention on Tuesday, August 24, there will be a Memorial Service. The business session will be front 2 to 3:30 p. m., when the members will visit the exhibit hall in a body. In the evening there will be a, civic banquet, with an address by Franklin H. Wentworth, secretary, National Fire Protection Association.

On Wednesedav, August 25 the morning will be devoted to business, with a civic picnic in afternoon and evening.

All of Thursday will be devoted to business, up to about 4:30 p. m. In the evening there will be a moonlight boat trip on the Detroit River.

Friday morning, will be the closing session. Afternoon, visit to the Ford Automobile Plant at Ford City.

There will be a Question Box on the Secretary’s desk throughout the convention.

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