Dowling Chief of Jacksonville, Fla.

Dowling Chief of Jacksonville, Fla.

Chief W. Q. Dowling has been named the new Chief of the Jacksonville, Fla., Fire Department to fill the vacancy caused by the retirement of Chief H. R. MacMillan.

Chief Dowling entered the service on June 22, 1901, and was promoted to Captain. January 2, 1905; Third Assistant Chief, January 1, 1920; Second Assistant Chief, January 1, 1926; First Assistant Chief, November 1, 1928 and Deputy Chief, April 1, 1930.

Chief MacMillan who had served for thirty-nine years, resigned because of failing health. He joined the department on December 12, 1894, and resigned April 29, 1895. Five months later he again entered the service. On November 10, 1899, he was made Captain. He was advanced to First Assistant Chief on February 1, 1903, and Chief on January 1, 1926.

He is a Mason, Shriner, Woodman, a Past Great Sachem of the Redmen, President of the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs, and State Vice-President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. His son is Chief of the Cocoa, Fla., Fire Department.

Chief W. Q. Dowling

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