Down to the Fine Type!

Down to the Fine Type!

Recently we received several letters from our readers calling attention to an editorial error, which pleased us very much.

Not that editorial “bulls” please us—quite the contrary! But when the error is a mistake in simple addition, buried in a lengthy and detailed hydraulic question, tucked away on a rear page of a pretty “fat” issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, the letters provide conclusive evidence of the degree as well as extent to which this journal is read and regarded.

We like readers who are constantly pitting their minds against those of our editors. It helps maintain a high degree of editorial content by keeping our staff on its toes.

Our advertisers, too, appreciate this kind of reader interest which carries from the caption, right on through to the fine type. After all, they want to see their sales messages read and studied right down to the last line of their announcements—“Send for complete details today!” Thus, words from our readers—whether critical or complimentary—testify not only how the editorial and advertising contents of FIRE ENGINEERING are absorbed, but tend to vindicate the judgment of those concerns which advertise in these pages at having selected the right medium through which to win and hold the interest of the leaders in the nation’s fire service.

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