Dr. Archer Ordered to Keep Away

Dr. Archer Ordered to Keep Away

A certain ambulance surgeon in New York City has learned something concerning resuscitation and also just what Dr. Harry Archer, honorary fire department surgeon, looks like.

Dr. Archer arrived at a second-alarm fire in East Seventh Street where several persons were overcome. He found young and inexperienced hospital internes standing about doing little, if anything. Dr. Archer stooped beside a woman who had been carried out of the tenement, and as he did so, a female surgeon admonished him:

“Do not disturb that poor woman—she is dying.”

“Well, what are you doing for her?” asked Dr. Archer.

In his turn-outs and boots, he becomes divorced from whatever professional appearance a doctor is supposed to have.

Without waiting for a reply he called for an inhalator and asked that the Rescue Company be released in his charge. With the aid of experienced firemen, treatment was given “the poor woman.” Two of the four women who received treatment from Dr. Archer and his firemen assistants, are alive today.

Covina, Cal., to Have Fire House—A combined fire house and city hall will be erected in Covina, Cal. It will be a two-story building.

Troy, N. Y., Has Drill Tower—A firemen’s drill tower has been completed in Troy, N. Y. Men will be trained at this tower in connection with the zone school established.

Little Neck to Open New Fire House—The New York Fire Department expects that the new fire house being erected to serve Little Neck and Douglaston will be completed some time in October.

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