Dr. Harry Archer Honored by N. Y. Board

Dr. Harry Archer Honored by N. Y. Board

Handsome Bungalow Station of Pine Bluff, Ark. The outside walls of this bungalow fire station are of three brick thickness, the partitions being of wood, with metal lath and plaster, in the apparatus room, the walls are plastered six feet up with concrete, to take care of any water which may come in contact with them. While at present, according to Chief A. E. Brewster, the department is equipped with only one hose car at this station, the apparatus room is built with the idea of future additions and can also accommodate a hook and ladder truck. The approximate cost of the station and lot it was built upon was $10,000.

The fire patrol committee of the New York Board of Fire Underwriters has honored Dr. Harry M. Archer, by elevating him from the post of honorary medical officer to the post of honorary chief medical officer.

The order gives Dr. Archer a higher standing in the ranks of the fire patrol than he now enjoys in the ranks of the fire department in which he has for many years been an honorary medical officer with the rank of deputy chief.

The official order follows:


Committee on Fire Patrol.

123 William Street, NEW YORK, December 16, 1925.

Order No. 2016


Dr. Harry M. Archer, from rank of Honorary Medical Officer to the rank of Honorary Chief Medical Officer, effective at 8 a.m., December 17, 1925.

He will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

This honor is conferred in recognition of humane and unselfish services rendered.





Official—J. O. SCHWANK,


Amcrican-La France chemical car purchased for the volunteer fire department of Nesco, N. J., mounted on a Ford chassis. The members of the department grouped around the apparatus are: Frank Wolf, Thomas Craig, Thomas Landy, Eugene Reynolds, John Ruberton, Joseph Love, Joseph Brown. John Hankins, Chas. Walley. John Moore, Frank Mazza, Clarence Herman, William Franne, John Abbott, Chief Chester Wescoat, Russell Johnson.

No New Equipment for Columbus, O.—Due to the cut in the city budget, Chief Daniels of Columbus, Ohio, announced that there would be no improvement in fire department equipment as the result.

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