Draeger SCBA

The PSS 5000, introduced at FDIC 2011, offers a carrying system that remains stable and firmly fixed in place during heavy motion operations and is positioned comfortably on the user’s waist, back and shoulders.

The support frames of the PSS 5000 are made of carbon. They are light and resist shocks or falling objects, but none of the materials will deform at high temperatures and are resistant to chemical and oil.

The first stage reducer is offered with both a CGA hand wheel or a quick-connect cylinder, for easy cylinder exchange. The medium and high-pressure hoses are integrated into the carrying system. A supplied air line is also available with optional 20” and 40” multilink.

To monitor the air and indicate the time remaining, wearers will use an electronic Sentinel 7000. The carrying system in the PSS 5000 is equipped with stainless steel buckles, making it durable even with frequent use in extreme situations.

The SCBA can be used with different Draeger components such as the FPS 7000 facemask in three standard sizes, and the optional low- and high-pressure cylinders in 30, 45, and 60 minute durations.
For more information, visit http://www.draeger.com.

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