Drawn by Fire: Why Me?

Banged-up firefighter holding a bat

It has been said that if it’s always you against the world, the problem is most likely you! We all know that one person who seems to believe they are the target of every bad situation, decision, and event that ominously and purposely slithers into their life. About a year ago had a long conversation with a chief who whined for an hour about their plight and how all the incompetent politicians, unmotivated officers, and ungrateful firefighters were always plotting against him—regardless of his well-intended (but disingenuous) actions. 

“Why me?!” 

“Hmmm… let me hold a mirror up for you, chief.” 

Yes, there are those who do get stepped on, pushed away, stirred in the pot, and beaten down continually. They have a legitimate complaint. But before you whine and complain about your problems, look at your reflection, motivation, and actions first. Ask yourself the hard questions, and listen to the honest answers—it may very well BE YOU!

Don’t point the finger of blame until you know for sure the other three pointing back at you aren’t showing you the true problem.

STAY FIRED UP, and be honest with yourself before casting criticism on others.

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