Drill: Forcible Entry—Outward Opening Doors and Limited Space

By Donald L. Wedding

Operating in small areas with limited working space presents challenges that will often times make common forcible entry techniques difficult or unsuccessful. Proper size-up and recognizing potential problem areas in regards to forcible entry is important, as it is with any fireground operation.

This “Quick Drill” demonstrates using the “spike” of the halligan to force narrow outward opening doors (less than 30 inches) or doors with limited work areas on either side when the “adz” cannot be set to gap and force the door.

Download this drill as a PDF HERE






As with all forcible entry operations, having multiple techniques to achieve a successful outcome is important. Always train on new and existing skills, especially those which aren’t considered commonplace.

Donald L. Wedding is a firefighter for the Fredericksburg (VA) Fire Deptartment and an instructor with Traditions Training, LLC

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