Drill of the Week: Drilling In The Station

“The company drill is a dying art in the fire service, and the dying part is beginning to show. Our injury and death statistics are riddled with examples of failing to follow basic fireground knowledge. And that knowledge comes from information gathering that is so repetitive that it becomes knowledge.” – Tom Brennan, Fire Engineering

At times, coming up with company drills can be trying. Training calendars are filled with so much required training that opportunities for simply drilling on what we know, or should know are few and far between. Or are they?

Drill fodder is everywhere in the fire station. Do you have a rarely used tool on your apparatus? We all do. It’s easy enough to take it out and go over its use. It’s also easy to get some of the rookies to describe the use of equipment we use every day. It gets the newbies AND the old timers thinking.

Training magazines abound in this industry. Even the ones that aren’t training-oriented provide us with fodder for drills via the images they include and the incidents they describe.

For this week’s drill, we look back to a “Random Thoughts” column by Tom Brennan in which he describes several ways to make use of those times when you’re not at a required training event or when you’re not on the job – the informal get-togethers that occur in every fire station no matter the location.

Brennan includes several possible scenarios for your company drills. Take the information, and build on it. Develop your own drills based on the foundation Brennan provides in his article. His suggestions transcend the differences between paid departments, combination departments, and volunteer departments. They are easy to implement, and once you conduct a few of them, everyone’s wheels will begin turning, breathing new life into a dying art.

Brennan’s column can be found HERE.

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