Drill Of The Week: Fireground Observations And Safety

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There are many indicators on the fireground that things aren’t going as planned. The forestry service has long embraced the concept of “Watchouts and Lookouts” in its risk/hazard assessment of operations. The concept can be adapted to fireground operations and requires the company officer to identify hazardous conditions and indicators and take action to avoid injury or fatality.

This week’s drill identifies some of the conditions present at structural fires that can serve as indicators that something may not be right with what’s happening. Discuss these conditions and describe your actions when faced with them. Consider the following:

  • What would you do if any of the conditions were present at your incident?
  • Discuss the radio reports you would transmit relating to these conditions.
  • What follow-up actions are required by IC and your crew when these occur?

The complete drill with indicator list is located at FriefighterCloseCalls.com.

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