Drill of the Week: Tips for Crew Development By Company Officers

If you are a company officer who has become complacent and has lost enthusiasm for your job, you can bet your company’s morale is low and is in the smoldering stage. So how do you jumpstart your engine company or put the fire back in your truck company? With a motivational backdraft! You need to introduce fresh air–a new perspective-to fan the flames of enthusiasm. Become a motivational arsonist, if you will. Enthusiasm is contagious and can spread like wildfire, but you have to work at it.

This week’s installment delivers tips for company officers to develop their crews. More than just drilling your crews until they can’t take it anymore, author Raul Angulo’s suggestions cover how to take stock in yourself as a company officer as well as offering suggestions on not necessarily what drills to run, but how to drill creatively. The drills he suggests emphasize the basics and add problem-solving challenges that promote teamwork, morale, and personal confidence.

Click HERE for this week’s drill.

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