Drill of the Week – Two Minute Drill On Communication

On occasions when going to a training site to do some hands-on training isn’t viable due to weather or time of day, etc., quick exercises involving the members assembled can work just as well.

This week’s drill focuses on communications, which can always be improved. Communications can be between between a company officer and the members of that company, between a chief officer and a company officer, or between members of a company. At any fire scene communication is key. ICs can use information relayed from the interior to make tactical decisions, and information communicated from ICs to interior crews help inside personnel determine which tactics they are employing are making a difference.

Use the images in this week’s drill as starting points for discussion. These are the conditions on your arrival with the first-due chief officer. What are some of your observations as you start your size-up? Identify the fire building by construction type and dimensions-height in stories, width, and depth. This will help determine fire attack strategies. Knowing the height in stories along with the fire’s location will give you an idea of internal exposures. The dimensions give you an idea of total fire area and the size water flow you will need to control this area. Different construction types react differently under fire conditions, and the time it will take to bring the fire under control safely will vary accordingly.

Read the drill HERE.

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