Driving Burning Oil Back With Stream

Driving Burning Oil Back With Stream

One of the most dangerous features in connection with operating at large oil fires is the possibility of tanks rupturing and streams of oil being sent forth.

In many cases the rupture of a tank is so large and volume of oil so great that firemen have to beat a hasty retreat in order to save themselves.

One notable example of such an occurrence happened in Philadelphia a few years ago when a large tank gave away. The firemen had to drop everything and flee for their lives.

The illustration herewith shows a recent large oil fire at Long Beach, California.

At this fire two workers were injured and property valued at nearly half a million dollars was destroyed. The fire followed a gas explosion in the oil field. The blast came two hours after a new well had been brought in. Every available piece of fire fighting equipment in the Long Beach department was rushed to the scene.

The picture shows very clearly how the fire department had to direct streams along the street in order to check the advance of burning oil.

Streams in Operation at Long Beach Oil Fire.

The stream to the extreme left is being directed along the street and the center stream likewise. At the same time additional streams were used to wet down combustible structures in the immediate neighborhood to prevent ignition due to radiant heat.

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