Driving Over Hose.

Driving Over Hose.

The commissioners of Danvers, Mass., have issued a warning cautioning drivers against the practice of driving over fire hose. This practice is exceedingly dangerous as it causes a water hammer or sharp rise and fall in the pressure. Unless the public complies with this caution, the city will adopt the powers granted it by the statutes, and will fine and imprison the offenders.

Mt. Pleasant, Tex., Purchases “Suburbanite”—A Seagrave “Suburbanite” pumper has been purchased by Mt. Pleasant, Tex.

THE following list includes fires of $25,000 loss and over in the United States and Canada, for the periods designated in the headings. These figures, compiled from telegraphic reports, are based on estimates made at the time, and are subject to later investigation and consequent revision. Taken as a whole, however, they give an approximately correct view of the losses incurred. The figures represent loss in thousands.

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