Dual Certified Protection for 90% of Your Calls

Did you know…

59% of line of duty deaths are related to overexertion.

27% of line of duty injuries are related to a cardiovascular event.

90% of today’s emergency/service calls are nonstructural.

Yet, the majority of today’s first responders are wearing their traditional NFPA 1971 PPE to these nonstructural calls. Wearing structural gear on non-fire emergencies can cause unnecessary stress on your body and contribute to repeated exposure to contaminants.

Fire-Dex’s dual-certified TECGEN51 garment is designed to reduce heat stress and exposure to harmful carcinogens.

Commonly called “Firefighter Fatigues”, TECGEN51 provides the protection you require for non-emergency calls, including motor vehicle accidents, extrication, rescue, incident command and more – protecting your valuable turnout gear from contamination and UV exposure while improving its longevity.

This single layer garment, certified to NFPA 1977 (wildland) and 1951(technical rescue), was crafted to change the way you think about your PPE. With high levels of thermal protection and incredible breathability, TECGEN51 makes a comfortable fit for every department’s needs.

Available separately or as part of the Fire-Dex Interceptor Package™ with FXR turnouts and the H41 Interceptor™ Hood.

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