Duquesne, Pa., Filter Plant Nearly Finished

Duquesne, Pa., Filter Plant Nearly Finished

City Engineer Robert B. Dell informed the city council of Duquesne, Pa., that the new filtration plant is almost completed and that a test will be conducted on the new plant which will last about a month before it will be finally accepted by the city.

The first shipment of pipe for the new mains has arrived and other shipments of pipe will follow at short intervals. Mayor Crawford inquired if bids were advertised for laying the mains and Mr. Dell told him that no action was taken as yet. The city engineer was asked to draw up the specifications for the work at once. A suggestion was made that an inspector be employed to observe the condition of the pipe when it was unloaded. E. Forrest Williams, superintendent of the water works, told of having discovered some boys who had started a practice of breaking lengths of pipe which were deposited in the street, waiting to be laid.

McKees Rocks, Pa., Has Water Softener—The installation of the water softener plant at McKees Rocks, Pa., is almost complete.

Pipe Line Laid in Eldorado, Kans.—A water supply line is being laid from oil hill, two miles northwest of the city, to Eldorado, Kans. This main, when completed, will increase the city’s water supply.

Point Grey, B. C., May Issue Water Bonds—Consideration is being given to a plan to draft an ordinance for the issuance of bonds to finance the installation of a separate water system in the Capilan Creek section of Point Grey, B. C. It is estimated that the water improvement will cost $1,500,000.

Work on Donaldsonville, La., Plant Progressing—Work is progressing on the construction of the filtration plant for Donaldsonville, La. The steel tower, on which will rest the water tank, has been completed. Over one-half of the concrete reservoir has been laid and all of the reinforcing rods for the walls are in place.

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