Duties of Connecticut Fire Marshals

Duties of Connecticut Fire Marshals

The duties and powers of Fire Marshals in the state of Connecticut and their functions in the investigation of fires of suspicious origin is defined in General Statutes of Connecticut, Chapter 127, Sections 2307 and 2308. These sections are as follows:

General Statutes of Connecticut Revision of 1930

Chapter 127. Lews Pertaining to Fire Marshals

SECTION 2307. INVESTIGATION OF THE ORIGIN OF FIRES. The commlBsloner of state police shall thoroughly investigate the cause, circumstances and origin of all fires to which his attention shall have been called, in accordance with the provisions of section 2308, by reason of which any property has been burned, destroyed or damaged, and especially examine and decide as to whether such fire was the result of carelessness or was the act of an incendiary. He may take the testimony under oath of any person supposed to he cognizant of or to have means of knowledge In relation to the matters as to which an examination is being made, and shall cause the same to be reduced to writing and filed in his office; and if, in his opinion, there shall he sufficient evidence to warrant that any person should he charged with the crime of arson, he shall forthwith submit such evidence, together with the names of the witnesses and all other information obtained by him to the proper prosecuting officer. He shall, in any investigation, have all the powers of a justice of the peace for the purposes of summoning and compelling the attendance of witnesses before him to testify. He may administer oaths or affirmations to witnesses before him, and false swearing therein shall he perjury. He may, at any time of the day or night, in the performance of his duties, enter, hv himself or his assistants, into and upon the premises or building where any fire has occurred and premises thereto adjacent. Whenever it shall come to his knowledge or to the knowledge of any official mentioned in section 2308 that there exists in any building or upon any premises combustible material or Inflammable conditions dangerous to the safety of such building or premises or dangerous to any other building or property, the commissioner, or any official mentioned in section 2308, obtaining such knowledge, shall order such material to be forthwith removed or such conditions remedied by the owner or occupant of such building or premises. Any owner or occupant failing to comply with such order shall ho fined not less than ten dollars nor more than fifty dollars, and. in addition thereto, shall suffer a penalty of ten dollars a day for each day of neglect, to be recovered In a proper action in the name of the state.

SECTION 2308. UOCAU FIRE MARSHALS; POWERS; DUTIES; PENALTY FOR NEGLECT OF DUTY. The city and borough fire marshals of each city or borough having such an officer, the chief of the fire department of each citv, borough or fire district, having a fire department and not having a local fire marshal, and the warden of each borough and the first selectman of each town having no local fire marshal or chief of a fire department, shall be known as local fire marshals. and they shall, within two days, not Including Sunday, of the occurrence of any fire within their jurisdiction, by reason of which property shall have been destroyed or damaged, investigate the cause, origin and circumstances of such fire, and especially Investigate whether such fire was the result of carelessness or design, and for the purpose of such investigation may enter into and upon the premises where the fire occurred and the premises adjacent thereto, and duly examine the same; and the commissioner of state police may supervise and direct such Investigation. The local fire marshal making such investigation shall forthwith notify the said commissioner and within ten davs of the occurrence of the fire, furnish said commissioned a written statement, subscribed by him: of all the facts relatina to its cause and origin, the kind, value and ownership of the property destroyed or damaged, and such further information as may be called for by the blanks furnished by the commissioner. Whenever a local fire marall have reason to believe that there exists in any building or upon any premises combustible materials or inflammable conditions dangerous to the safety of such buildings or premises, he shall forthwith notify the commissioner of all the facts pertaining thereto. The local fire marshal, or some person appointed by him, shall inspect, as often as may be necessary, all buildings, especially stores, places of amusement, halls for public assemblies, hospitals, lodging houses and hoarding houses accommodating more than twelve persons, or tenement houses occupied by more than five families, to see that the laws pertaining to fire escapes and the prevention of fires have been duly complied with, and to keep a record of such inspections, and report all violations of such laws to the proper prosecuting officer. The fees of the local fire marshal of any city, borough or town for investigating and reporting fires to the commissioner, shall be paid by the treasurer of such municipality upon the order of the commissioner, such fees not to exceed two dollars for each Investigation and report; provided such fees shall not be paid to a fire marshal or an engineer of a fire department who receives a salary for his services as such official. dny local fire marshal who shall neglect to perform any duty required by any provision of this chapter shall be fined not less than ten dollars nor more than one hundred dollars.

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