Earl A. Traeger Chief of Minneapolis

Earl A. Traeger Chief of Minneapolis

Ending the long controversy over the position of Chief of the Minneapolis, Minn., Fire Department, Battalion Chief Earl A. Traeger was finally appointed as head of the department. Mr. Traeger had been serving as Acting Chief since April 26, as successor to Charles W. Ringer, who retired on that date, after a long service with the firefighting forces.

Chief Earl A. Traeger

Earl A. Traeger was appointed to the Fire Department of Minneapolis on July 1, 1910. His first promotion came on November 14, 1914, when he was made a lieutenant. The next advancement was on August 23, 1918, when he was appointed as Captain. He served in this position until April 22, 1926, on which date he was made Assistant Fire Marshal. On February 1, 1928, he was again advanced to the post of Battalion Chief. He served in this capacity until the retirement of Chief Ringer.

Four men were recently sentenced to the penitentiary in connection with the burning of ice houses of the Waltham, Mass., Ice Company.

This Is the Way It Should Appear In the description of a system of drying hose developed by Chief F. Dubois, of Kenora, Ont., appearing in the last issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, the illustration was printed upsidedown. It is reproduced herewith in its correct position. In the device, a hose clamp releases the hose from hangers at the top of the tower so that it is not neccsasry to send a man up the tower to lower the hose. The hose is washed and cleaned before it is dried. All hose is hung up full length with the male ends up and it is lowered from the tower by a man on the ground floor. This system of hose drying has been endorsed by members of the local Fire Commission.

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