Early History of I.A.F.C. Recalled

Early History of I.A. F. C. Recalled

Back in 1873, at a meeting held in Baltimore, the National Association of Fire Engineers was formed with John S. Damrell as the first President and Henry A. Hills as the first Corresponding Secretary. Mr. Hill held that office for four years and he was then chosen Corresponding and Recording Secretary. This office he held until he died in April, 1905.

The Late Henry A. Hills

Mr. Hills had much to do with installing the fire alarm telegraph system in many parts of the United States. When he moved from Boston to Rome, Ga., he became Superintendent of the city water system as well as Fire Chief.

The photograph shows a medal that was presented to Mr. Hills at a convention held in Nashville. Tenn., in 1877.

This organization later became the International Association of Fire Engineers and a few years ago the name was modified to International Association of Fire Chiefs as cities had title of the Fire Department head from Chief Engineer to Fire Chief,

Fred M. Hills, son of the late Henry A. Hills, has his business office in San Diego. He is looking forward to meeting many of the chiefs. Because of his father, he recalls personally knowing a number of the old time chiefs, including Chief George C. Hale of Kansas City, who won many honors in Europe.

Medal Presented to the Late Henry A. Hills

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