EarthClean Corporation and Multi-National Strategic Partner Planning Joint Marketing Effort; TetraKO® Listed as Approved Vendor by Minnesota DNR

EarthClean Corporation

EarthClean Corporation of St. Paul (MN) manufacturer of nontoxic and sustainable products designed for fire management applications, announced the expansion of its network to deliver its starch based TetraKO® water enhancer technology through a potential strategic partnership and that TetraKO® is now listed as an approved vendor by the Minnesota DNR.

The strategic partnership under discussion involves a joint marketing effort with a global leader in firefighting technology that is expected to be introduced at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 27-29. James R. Grabek, EarthClean Corporation’s President said, “Our anticipated strategic partnership alongside this multi-national company has the potential to significantly increase our sales, marketing and distribution initiatives. We are very excited to showcase TetraKO® water enhancer as a new type of fire management tool to help protect the environment.”

Additionally, the State of Minnesota DNR (following the US Forest Service Qualified Product List (QPL) approval for use on Federal lands) has added TetraKO® water enhancer to its 2017 vendor list. EarthClean is working closely with state officials to meet their needs for the coming fire season.

TetraKO® is a patented, biodegradable, cornstarch-based product designed to mix quickly with water and shear-thin when deployed. It delivers faster and more effective knockdown and suppression of Class-A fires compared to plain water and traditional foams, and eliminates exposure to chemicals found in long-term retardants and foams that can harm fish and wildlife, and damage sensitive watersheds. TetraKO® reduces smoke and water damage, conserves water, and greatly reduces run-off.


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