Eastern Association to Meet June 19-20

Eastern Association to Meet June 19-20

The annual convention of the Eastern Association of Fire Chiefs, a section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, will be held in Atlantic City, N. J., Friday and Saturday, June 19 and 20. The Madison on Illinois Avenue will be the hotel headquarters, and sessions will be held in the Convention Hall on the Boardwalk. The program follows:

Friday, June 19 at 10 a. m.

Meeting called to order by President Charles W. Greenfield.

Prayer by Rev. Robert Arthur Elwood, Pastor of the “Boardwalk Church.”

Selection by the Fire Department Quartette.


Address of Welcome by Hon. Harry Bacharach, Mayor, Atlantic City.

Reply by John J. T. Waldron, Deputy Chief, New York Fire Department.

Address by William S. Cuthbert, Director of Public Safety, Atlantic City.

Address by President C. W. Greenfield.

Reports of Resolution Committee,.Secretary and Treasurer.

Program Following Luncheon Recess

“Value of the Education Program of the International Association of Fire Chiefs,” by Chief Richard D. Smith, Pittsburgh.

Motion Picture on “The Municipal Salvage Man,” followed by a discussion of the subject.

Round table discussion with Chief Ross B. Davis, Philadelphia, presiding.

“Drill Schools,” by Morris F. Abel, Drillmaster, Atlantic City Fire Department Fire School.

Discussion on the subject of drill schools.

Saturday, June 20 10 a.m.

Opening Prayer by Rev. M. A. Hopkins, O. S. A. Selections by the Atlantic City Rotary Club Harmonica Band.

“Training of Firemen,” by Deputy Chief John J. McElligott, New York Fire Department.

Report of Resolutions Committee.

“Problems of Volunteer Fire Departments,” by Chief M. M. Tawney, Harrisburg, Pa.

New Business of Association.

Round Table Discussion with Chief Joseph H. Leeds presiding.

At the close of the convention there will be a high pressure exhibition on the Boardwalk. Announcements concerning entertainment will be made during the convention.

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