Eastern Chiefs Meet in June

Eastern Chiefs Meet in June

At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Association of Fire Chiefs, held at the Hotel Pennsylvania on February 1, the dates for the annual conference were set at June 12, 13 and 14. The conference is to be held at Lancaster, Pa., and the Hotel Brunswick will be the headquarters. Meetings and exhibits will both be held in the hotel.

Chief William J. Lutz of Wilmington, Del., Second Vice-President of the Association, was appointed Chairman of Exhibits.

Among the topics planned for the program are the following: “Importance of Knowing Construction and Contents of Buildings.” “Incendiary Bombs and Methods of Handling Them Including a Demonstration of Extinguishing Fires Involving Incendiary Bombs.”

“Salvage Work for Large and Small Fire Departments.”

“Hazards and Precautions in Handling Inflammables.”

“Mutual Aid for Meeting Emergencies.”

“Maintenance and Repair of Motor Fire Apparatus.”

Members Present

Those attending the meeting were: Deputy Chief John Y. Waldron, New York City, President; Chief Edward H. Warr. Salvage Corps, Baltimore. Md., First Vice-President; Chief William J. Lutz, Wilmington, Del., Second VicePresident: Former Chief Charles E. Clark, Wayne, Pa., Secretary; Chief Charles W. Greenfield, Arlington, N. J., Honorary Life Director; Former Chief Ross B. Davis, Philadelphia, Pa., President Emeritus; Chief Frank Dean, Lancaster, Pa., host to the 1941 Conference; and Fred Shepperd, New York City, Headquarters Manager, International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Guests at the meeting were former Chief Ralph J. Scott of Los Angeles, Cal., and Chief Peter Steinkellnerr, Milwaukee, Wis.

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