Eastern Fire Chiefs Appoint Committees

Eastern Fire Chiefs Appoint Committees

At the meeting of the Eastern Association of Fire Chiefs held in Atlantic City, N. J., a committee was appointed to outline the policy of operation of the organization. This committee consists of Charles Fisher, Chief John Kenlon of New York and Chief R. L. Smith of Pittsburgh.

A committee was also appointed on by-laws. This consists of Ex-Chief Johnson, Chief Kenlon and Mr. Fisher. The association adopted the resolution presented by Chief Kenlon that the two dollar initiation fee be adopted—one dollar to go to the I. A. F. C., and one dollar to the Eastern Association.

The officers are aiming to establish a closer contact with the chiefs throughout the Eastern area and to have standards on apparatus, equipment and practical fire methods; adequate and reliable water supplies from the fire protection standpoint and actual demonstrations of various fire department methods.

Plans are being made to hold a convention in the spring of 1928 and to have, at this time, a number of important papers, demonstrations of fire apparatus by crews from New’ York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and other cities, and an exhibit of fire apparatus and equipment.

The association is conducting an intensive campaign for increasing the membership.

The following officers were present: President C. W. Greenfield, Arlington, N. J.; Vice-President, Ross B. Davis, Philadelphia; Treasurer, R. H. Smith, Pittsburgh; Secretary, J. H. Golden, Cohoes, N. Y.; John Kenlon, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Directors E. T. Alexander, Elkton, Md.; F. E. Soule, Coatesville, Pa.; T. Howell Johnson, Bloomfield, N. J.

Cleveland to Have Rescue Squad—A rescue squad will be placed in service in the east end of Cleveland, Ohio, in the quarters of Engine No. 10.

Barry Adverse to New Plan—A delegation of Cleveland, Ohio, firemen called on Director of Safety Barry requesting that the department work so that they will have one week on and one week off. The director chased the men out of his office. The department now works under the plan of twenty-four hours on and twenty-four hours off.

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