Special Air-Conditioned Train Planned for Eastern Delegates to the I. A. F. C. Convention, with a Stop Off at Buffalo, N. Y., on Sunday Morning

A SPECIAL trip to the Oklahoma City Conference of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and return is being planned by the “Eastern Regulars,” which includes a special air-conditioned train over the Lehigh Valley Railroad, provided a sufficient number of delegates and guests sign up for the trip.

An invitation has been extended to the New England and Great Lakes Associations of Fire Chiefs to join with the party. The convention headquarters at Oklahoma City will be the OklahomaBiltmore Hotel.

It is planned for the train to leave the Pennsylvania Station, New York City, at 6:45 p.m., Saturday October 16. There is to be a stop off at Buffalo, N. Y., on Sunday morning, the train arriving at 5 a.m., and leaving at 8:25 a.m. Returning, the train leaves the Oklahoma City station at 4:50 p.m. on Friday, October 22 and arrives in New York City, Pennsylvania Station, at 9:30 a.m., Sunday, October 24.

The complete itinerary and rates from New York or Newark, N. J., and Philadelphia are as follows. Rates and schedules from any other points desired will be furnished on request.

Reservations for the Eastern Regulars’ trip should be made at the earliest possible moment. Address, James T. Keegan, Superintendent, Salvage Corps, 227 Washington Street, Newark, N. J.

Official Itinerary “Eastern Regulars” International Association of Fire Chiefs


ftnturday, October 16

Lv. New York City,

(Penn. Sta.) …. 6:45 P.M. LV.R.R. Lv. Newark

(Penn. Sta.) …. 7:00P.M. LV.R.R. I.v. Sou(h Plainfield.. 7.29P.M. LV.R.R. Lv. Bound Brook…. 7:38 P.M. L.V.R R Lv. Fleinington Jet… 8:00 P.M. LV.R.R

Lv. Kaston. Pa……. 8:35 P.M. L.V.R.R.

Lv. Philadelphia (Reading Terminal)… 6:45P.M. Reading

Lv. Bethlehem …… 8:59 P.M. LV.R R

Lv. Wilkes Barre …11:20P.M. LV.R.R

Members will again gather in the CLUB CAR and reminisce of trips and happenings and enjoy the good fellowshin of friends meeting once again.

The night ride over the scenic route of the Lehigh Valley will only be marked by the bright lights dotted here and there, and often by emblazoned valleys

that spread out from the car windows like clusters of brilliant diamonds.

sunday, October 17

Ar. Buffalo (Main

& Scott Sts.)—5:00 A.M. BV.R.R.

Arranements made for those members desiring to attend Church services.

Lv. Buffalo (Central

Terminal) … 8:25 A.M. N.Y.C. Bines Our train skirts the lower shores of Lake Erie for nearly 200 miles.

Lv. Cleveland (Union

Terminal).. . 12:15 Noon. N.Y.C. Bines Bass through the lower parts of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois during the afternoon.

Breakfast, luncheon and dinner in Dining Car.

(Here we gladly welcome the Great Bakes members who join the party.)

Monday October 18

Breakfast and luncheon in Dining Car.

During the morning we pass through some of the larger Oil Fields of Oklahoma.

Ar.Oklahoma City. 12:59 P.M. Frisco Bines

Members of party and baggage will be transfered to the Oklahoma-Biltmore Hotel—Convention Headquarters—where rooms with twin beds and bath will be assigned.

During the afternoon members can register, meet old friends from various parts of the country, etc.

Tuesday, Oct. 19′

Wednesday Oct. 20 Attending

Thursday, Oct. 21 International

Friday, Oct. 22 Convention


Friday, October 22

At 4:00 P.M. members of the EASTERN REGUBARS party will be transferred from the hotel to the station. All baggage to be ready for transfer to station at 1:00 P.M.

Lv. Oklahoma City 4:50 P.M. Frisco Bines Evening dinner in Dining Car.

Saturday, October 211

Breakfast In Dining Car.

Ar. St. Louis….. 8:10 A.M. Frisco Lines

A short stop is made at St. Louis.

Lv. St, Louis….. 9:25 A.M. N.Y.C. Lines

Luncheon and dinner in Dining Car Ar, Cleveland … 8:30P.M. N.Y.C. Lines Ar. Buffalo ……11:30 P.M. N.Y.C. Lines

Sunday. October 24

Breakfast in Dining Car.

Ar. Bethlehem …… 7:17 A.M. L.V.R.R.

Ar. Philadelphia 9:20 A.M! Reading

(Reading Term.) R.R.

Ar. Easton …….. 7:41 A.M. LV.R.R.

Ar. South Plainfield. 8:10 A.M. LV.R.R.

Ar. Newark

(Penn. Sta.) …. 9:13 A.M. LV.R.R.

Ar. New York City 9:30 A.M. LV.R.R.

(Penn. Sta.)

Cost of Trip—Per Person

The cost of the entire trip shown below includes round trip transportation, Pullman space as specified (Compartment or Drawing Room to be occupied by two persons), all meals enroute, round trip transfer of members and baggage between station and hotel at Oklahoma City, rooms with twin beds and bath at Oklahoma-Biltmore Hotel—Convention Headquarters and all tips while

enroute only. Meals while at Oklahoma City are not included.

Members desiring single rooms at Hotel, rate will be $2.00 in addition to that shown above.

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