Eastern Regulars to Have Big Party

Eastern Regulars to Have Big Party

From present indications, the Eastern Regulars’ trip to the Portland, Ore., convention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs in August, promises to be a record-breaker, according to Fred. Benson, who is forming the party and looking out after all arrangements as heretofore.

More than ninety have already made definite reservations, and at the rate they are coming in it is expected that the special train will be booked to capacity months in advance.

The trip this year takes in Yellowstone and Jasper National Parks, Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies, and many other interesting points, including a boat trip across the Great Lakes from Duluth to Buffalo. It offers a travel opportunity of a lifetime at unusually low cost. Leaving New York July 31, the party arrives in Portland August 8, the night before the convention opens, returning to New York August 23.

Among those already booked are:

Chief and Mrs. John Kenlon, New York; Chief and Mrs. D. E. Johnson, Bridgeport, Conn.; Chief and Mrs. W. F. Noble, New Britain, Conn.; Chief arid Mrs. W. E. Ingold. Edgewater, N. J.: Chief and Mrs. W. F. Lutz, Wilmington, Del.; Chief and Mrs. J. F. Gibson, Mt. Vernon. N. Y.: Chief and Mrs. G. Bowker, Passaic, N. J.; Chief and Mrs. John C. Moran, Hartford, Conn.; Chief and Mrs. Geo. Hedden, Buffalo, N. Y.; Chief and Mrs. H. H. Heilman. Waterbary, Conn.; Chief and Mrs. Harry Francis, New Brunswick, N. J.; Chief and Mrs. Ross B. Davis, Philadelphia. Pa.; Chief and Mrs. E. E. Saunders, Lowell, Mass.; Chief Wm. Ziegler. Hackensack, N. J. ; Chief Joe Murphy, Kingston. N. Y.; Chief Chas Fisher. Ellenville. N. Y. ; Chief J. Gibbs, Montclair. N J. Chief Thos. Coyle. Paterson, N. J.; Chief Wm. Seeley, Middletown, N. Y.; Chief August Gerstung, Commissioner and Mrs Wagner and daughter. Commissioner and Mrs. Reuter. Commissioner Chandler and Former Commissioner and Mrs. Patterson and daughter, all of Elizabeth. N. I.

Any chief or others in the East interested in joining the party should write to Fred. Bensen. c/o Eureka Fire Hose Co., 50 Church St., New York.

Bill to Increase Kansas City, Kans., Pay—A hill is before the legislature to increase the salary of the firemen in Kansas City. Kans., to a minimum of $150 a month for firemen and $3,600 a year for the chief. If passed, this will he the first pay increase since 1920.

Minneapolis to Purchase Water Tower—A recommendation was made that Minneapolis, Minn., purchase a water tower to replace the one that was destroyed by a falling wall at a recent fire.

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