Eastman Outfits Placed

Eastman Outfits Placed

Iron River, Mich.; Monticello, I11.: Portsmouth, Va.: Harlan, Ia.; Old Orchard, Me.; Ashland, Wis.; High Bridge, N. J., and Staunton, Va., have recently purchased Eastman Perfection Holder outfits for their fire service, while not long ago the American Steel & Wire Co., of Cleveland, O., added another Eastman Two-Way Deluge set to its fire equipment.

The Denver. Colo., fire department has purchased another deluge set for the new truck, and the Randolph-Clowes Company, of Watcrbury, Conn., has received two more No. 1 Kastman Perfection Holder outfits. The Troy, N. Y., fire department recently added three more Perfection holders and nozzles to its fire equipment, and the PeppereJl Manufacturing Company, of Biddcford, Me., received two more Perfection Holder outfits for its plant. Samuel Eastman Company recently received the following letter:

“I have tried out the Perfection holder and nozzle sent me on trial, and it is just what we want on our water pressure of 130 pounds. We have been using four men at the nozzle, and I did not like that, hut with your outfit one matt can direct the stream nicely. You may ship me two more sets like the one I have here.

“Yours truly,

“W. L. WELCH, Chief.”

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