Ed. Yates New Chief of Quincy, Ill.

Ed. Yates New Chief of Quincy, Ill.

Chief Ed. Yates, whose portrait is published herewith, succeeded Chief G. C. Marriott as head of the Quincy, Ill., Fire Department last May.

Chief Yates joined the Fire Department of Quincy as a private in the year 1899, and was appointed as a driver of Chemical Company No. 2 one year later in 1900. He also served later as driver of Steamer Company No. 3.

He served for ten years as assistant chief of the Quincy fire-fighting forces, and was made chief in May of this year by Mayor Charles L. Weems.

Chief Yates is looked upon as a strict disciplinarian and an able and efficient executive.

Chief Ed. Yates, Quincy, Ill.

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